August 03, 2007

Why Blogging??

I have a tremendous amount of ideas that I can’t put in a written format. So in a try to get some of them out to give my poor brain a space to breath, I asked a friend’s help. He suggested that I should write about my blog. Why do I blog and whose blogs do I read.
Actually I never kept a diary; I usually tear the pages of the poor thing. Instead I had the urge to keep my reflections on certain issues in a little project that I call “my book”.
The idea of the book started after my first breakup, I had too many feelings to scream and no one to listen so I grabbed a pen and started writing, but as I got over that breakup quickly the project was aborted too early, then it came back to life after each breakup maturing to be a few chapters after the last one.
That was when I met “S”, I am not mentioning his name as he is a bit sensitive about his anonymity. I sent him the things I write along with some of other friends asking for opinion and some how he suggested blogging.
Credits for the name of the blog go to my brother, who always says that my thoughts about life are the thoughts of the thought-less. He even suggested gathering those thoughts in a book with that name, hence the blog’s name.
I found it a more convenient way to save my friends the hassle of reading my screams. I post my thoughts to my blog instead of emailing them to my poor friends. I didn’t really tell all my friends about this blog as a part in me believes that these screams are not meant to be heard.
I didn’t write as much at first, work took most of my time till the moment of truth came and I quitted that abusive job. Actually I quitted that job along with the other abusive relations I had in my life. For the first time in years I said no and I meant it. And once again thanks to “S” who inspired me with this new attitude.
And as spare time took over my way of living I started putting more and more of my thoughts into the blog, a sequence of unheard screams and a good way to practice an old hobby.
For a reason I installed a counter, then another one. I was curious if anyone is reading and I was so happy to find out that there are people other than “S” who come and check out my thought-less thoughts. I was so happy when I received my first comment. Another comment made my day when the one made it addressed me as thoughtful not thought-less.
I check three blogs daily; the first one is Askandarani’s. I just find peace reading him. then Miss Egyptiana’s; she really makes my heart ache and finally Egyptian fe-mail, who most of the time seems to be playing on all the right keys.
The misconceptions of him, a window on a really interesting mind. And though I disagree with the ideology but the bride wanna be is one of the funniest blogs and really represents most of the Egyptian girls who thinks of marriage as the aim and their daily fights to achieve that aim.
I read others too, but not as frequent as I do with these blogs. I have a list of the blogs I read on the side bar and I frequently update this list.

So, that’s why I blog and the blogs I read. I guess now the poor mind have a little room to breathe and think of the essential ingredient.

I would like to thank everyone who ever left me a comment, everyone who comes and check out what I write and everyone who ever came across this page.

Thanks for hearing my screams.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

I am Honored

and would love to thank you for reading my dreams :)

god bless you