April 30, 2012

Letters to Him – 3

 Dear Him

I just want to fall in love with you.

I know that this is wrong. I know chances are that you will break my heart to pieces.

I know you don’t love me … yet!

But I want to fall in love with you. I want to make memories with you. I want to beat the world while you are by my side.

I want to be silly and soft. I want to do lots of things that all includes you.

I just want to fall in love with you ... 

So will you love me?

April 29, 2012

Letters to Him - 2

Dear Him, 

It is the fact that you are different that is making the whole thing worth the crazy stunts.

You are a life that I've dreamt of living!

April 24, 2012

X and Y - The Question

X: (breaking a long pause) now what?

Y: (hysterically sobbing) why didn't you love me? 

X: (silently gazing at her)

Y: (falling to the floor weeping*) 

* as she wept on the floor waiting for an answer that she knew will never get. she replayed every single incident of her life in her head. she realized that he did nothing different than what they all did. But she wanted him to be different. He wasn't different and since then her whole life have been falling apart.

April 20, 2012

April 09, 2012

Letters to Him - 1

Dear Him

The thing is, I'd need lots of talking. I’d want lots of little things that matters.

I’d have asked but I am not used to ask for things that people didn’t willingly offer to give.