November 19, 2010

X & Y – An Unlikely Scenario

X (Narrating) : It was a completely out of character move for both of us. It just happened. As wrong as it might sound but I think it was supposed to happen long time ago.

Yes, we are together now and, again, as wrong as this might sound. It is the best-est thing I, we, did in a while.

Y (Narrating): I watch him sleep. We sure make love and everything. We watch television, we discuss books and he handles my pillow thoughts first hand. But the best part is when he fall asleep right beside me and I just watch him sleep.

Yes, we are together now. It just happened. And as wrong as it might sound it is just the best-est thing I, he, did in a life-time.

Who cares about tomorrow, we are living in the now. I watch him sleep and this is all what matters.

November 04, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: People are like Shoes!

This is part of Jessy’s brilliant initiative for sharing random thoughts on Thursday. She is hostinga blog link party each Thursday on her blog. Keep the thoughts going!

Here is the thought, people are just like shoes. Some of them are pretty and you love them instantly but will torture you every time you wear them. Some of them are comfy but don’t always look good. Some of them are just ok. You wear them as you need them. And only one every once in a while prove to be the perfect pair. It looks good, feels good and goes with almost everything you wear.

Find that pair!