February 27, 2008

A Quick Note on the Cartoons

I am a Muslim, and I am asking every Muslim in this world to control their temper and ignore. I am asking every Muslim to show the true face of Islam. I am calling for patience and tolerance. I am asking to keep our hot blooded nature off the table this time.
Show disgust, boycott these news papers, and find a decent way to express your feelings. Then take it a step further and discuss Islamic beliefs with those who wonder about Islam.
Please ignore, ignore, ignore. Patience Muslims! Patience for you religion!

February 26, 2008


- On success and failure: success is a relative term just like happiness. No one is 100% successful and no one is 100% happy. The same goes to failure. The key term is accomplishment.

- I said that I might have been searching for HH in all the men I have known. The look, the French accent, and the occupation. In a second thought, I guess I was wrong. I looked for the opposite of him. I looked for someone who listens because he never did. I looked for someone who reads because he will never do. And I looked for someone who will care to go for the forehead not the lips because he knows this is what I longed for. I hunted the ghost of the little girl he killed. I found her alive at the very same breakfast table. As I poured my fears of an unconscious love. And as I let go the last symptoms of the withdrawal of a very old addiction.

- It is amazing how things can change by changing our angle of perspective. It was the same place, and the same two persons sitting on the very same table in a typical morning. It was again breakfast. But the angle was tilted towards the friendship view. Nothing was the same. It was clearer and it was easier. The same enjoyment but with a more relief. I guess I owe him another thank you. Thank You :)

February 20, 2008

I Hate FaceBook

I hate the facebook. I know that people around the world fell for it the moment they tried it, I was one of them, but I still hate it. I hate the facebook because it has an amazing way to make you discover your real friends from the fake ones.
I started hating the facebook when M.M.I.B didn’t add me to his friends list. He claimed we are friends but he was scared that his fiancée, now wife, will see me on the facebook. She knew who am I, and she knew that he had a thing for me before her parents interfered to get the pigeon back to the cage. He didn’t add me, and then I knew that the 0.00000000001% probability of him being honest about us is false.
I hated the facebook more with HH, unlike M.M.I.B I was on his friend list but neither of us maintained that position for long. First he started by approaching a friend’s girlfriend just because she is Mexican and on my list. Then I started posing questions about people he is still calling family though they aren’t. Hence the block and delete.
Facebook didn’t stop at that point, it was the way I discovered Brad’s engagement. Later Brad deleted me; hid himself so that I can’t find him through searches and though we are supposed to be on friendship basis I am still off his friend list.
The best thing I initially liked about the facebook was that it got me back in touch with old friends. It was really nice to get back in contact with people from college and school. I kind of hate that feature too as these people will always show off the shiny job, shiny husband and shiny kids. Then consequently they will make my life less shiny as I quit my job, have no husbands and definitely no kids.
I am not in the mood to brag. Actually I am in the mood to count my losses not my victories, if I have any. I think it wasn’t a good idea to get back in touch with old friends. Now I remember why I have always hated re-unions.
I hate the facebook, but I don’t think I will quit it soon.

February 16, 2008

Current Thought: The Neighbor’s Dog

My aunt is an amazing character. She is loved by everyone and everything around her. Her neighbor’s dog loves her as everything else. He wakes her up in the morning; spends the whole day playing with her. He jumps when he sees her. She feeds him, loves him and treats him as her own dog.
But the truth is that dog is not hers. He enjoys her company but will never be her dog. If there will ever be a moment of choice. That dog will choose his owner. He will always choose the place he considers home. The only place he chooses to sleep in.
This neighbor’s dog is any given man who approaches a woman in time he is attached in another relation. He comes for the fun, the care and probably the food. But when it is time to choose, there won’t be two things to pick from. He has already decided.

February 13, 2008

Romance for Dummies - 1

It is the season of love. Though I personally believe that love blossoms all year round. But it seems that it is a worldwide disease celebrating Valentine’s Day. Everything wears red with pride and love turns to be the only obsession.
As a citizen of the world I decided to share my tips and tricks with those who have the luxury of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

1- It is not the gift that counts; it is the thought that does. No matter how expensive is your gift, love isn’t measured in money. A handmade card, a few lines with your true feelings, a CD with songs that reminds you of her/ him or something that he/ she really needs. Valentine’s Day is about remembering why we love each other. It is about love not money.

2- It is not about fancy places. It is not a prequisite to go out in Valentine’s Day. Girls, please cook for your lover. Nothing fancy, something simple and make sure to add love to your ingredients. Share a piece of cake. The news is, you can celebrate love in a crowd. You don’t have to crush the night in a noisy party. Again, love isn’t about how much you will spend.

3- Be creative, think outside the box. No one should know your lover more than you do. So stop imitating your friends. Dump the chocolates and the roses. You don’t have to give your over weight lover a bar of chocolate. You don’t have to buy a bunch of roses. Buy him/ her a plant. Something that will grow as your love grows.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

February 08, 2008

Simple Wishes

I guess it is obvious that I am having a big crash. I am denying it, I am resisting it but it is taking over me. I cry when no body is looking, and there is no one to look. I just hope this crash will go soon. I won’t stand staying in the darkness of the deep well for long.
I was joking with a friend of mine yesterday and I ended up crying. He didn’t say anything wrong. He was joking as we always do. It was the same old jokes and the same old laughs. I just burst out in tears. I can’t remember the joke but it was something about men and women. He said something about the things I wanted. And that was when I remembered how our simplest wishes are the hardest to happen. I even remembered my aunt’s advice about lighting candles to saint Antonio may be these wishes will come true.
May be Saint Antonio is my only way to find a man who will kiss the forehead not the lips, who will hug me because he misses me, who will think that may be I am not a woman who worth dying for but I might be a woman who worth keeping his word for. May be Saint Antonio can do the miracle of discovering the different man who thinks with the brain up his head. May be saint Antonio can do the miracle of making a commitment material out of the mistress material I currently am. May be Saint Antonio is different, may be he can keep a promise, fulfill a wish or at least say no I can’t do.
I wish … yes I wish
I wish for a kiss on the forehead
I wish for a fulfilled promise
I wish for a sincere hug
I wish, I wish, I wish …
I wish for honesty, I am sick of lies.

I feel empty. I can't write.

The Dedication

I have been writing that thing I call my book for sometime now. The first thing I wrote was the dedication. I know people usually write books then they dedicate it but in my case I dedicated an unwritten book for the reason who made me thought of writing it in the first place.
I am not sure if I will ever finish it. I am not sure if it will ever get published. The only thing I am sure of is he was the reason.


To the man who took me to the other face of life, the man who made me taste the sweet bitterness of human relations, the man who drew the first line in the new picture of me, perfected the picture and eventually broke his perfection with a messing line, The man who manipulated the thoughts, the feelings, and the soul. To my guide in the valley of shadows, to the shadow that darkened my life, to a few good days and a rule of misery.
To Hamdy, the friend, the father, the lover, the husband, the playboy, and the enemy.

Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing.

February 06, 2008

Now It Is Official - I AM A BAD DATE!!

You Are A Bad Date!

Sometimes it just seems like your heart isn't in it

At least, not unless the guy is a dead ringer for Brad Pitt (with more money)

You just don't spend enough time wondering if he's having fun...

And newsflash - he probably isn't!