April 28, 2015

Anger Management

I am angry. I am too angry I can't even put it in words.



I will be such an ungrateful brat if I said life is bad. I am actually living some of my best days regardless all the minor inconviences.

And those "minor" inconviences are pushing me to the edge. I contemplate death a lot just to escape those "minor" inconviences.

Then my uncle set me up with someone. Which translates to عمي جابلي عريس.
I met him just to avoid the drama. But I didnt, dad gave me one of my worst days ever.
Then it didnt end. He apparently likes me, and i pushed him away twice. I am trying to be nice and considerate of his fucking emotions.

He makes me angry.

He is unfit. He isn't a match. And I don't have a match.

I should live with it. And everyone else should too.

I am angry. I am surrounded by seriously annoying people. No one takes a fucken hint!
No one fucken listens.

And yes .. live with it. Liking me won't make me like you back. Mother fucker!

Yes I am having high days. I am happy and you are ruining my happiness.

You are making me angry! Too angry I think I should kill myself to escape you and the anger.