November 25, 2015

Random Messages - 11

Dear him,

You can't fix me, I am not broken!

Take me or leave me!


November 21, 2015

November 15, 2015

Random Messages - 9

I eventually win.

I know that all what I ever needed was to wait, work a little harder and wait again.

It always worked. Yet by the time I eventually win I am usually way too exhausted.

By the time I get the things I worked too hard to get and waited to long to see, I don't really have the energy to enjoy neither them nor the joy of accomplishment.

Yet, I keep doing it.

I will always win, regardless how irrelevant it will eventually be.

November 14, 2015

Random Messages - 8

He makes me feel young and capable.

And this is sad in ways that shouldn't be explained.

November 04, 2015

Random Messages - 6

Dear Him,

I love you. Yet I know it is never going to work.

And you know what, it is totally ok.

I love you, It isn't going to work and I am ok with it. I hope you too are!