March 20, 2009

On Darkness, Cards and the Good Old Days

I am not attached to memories, I don’t long for past. I don’t know how healthy is that but I rarely miss the “good old times”. Everyone seems to miss their childhood, college time, or even a work place that they left. I just don’t, maybe it is related to my bad memory but sometimes I remember events but I just don’t feel like re-living them again. I bury the joy with the pain and I always look ahead. I know that this sounds untrue coming from a person who keeps whining about the mistakes she has done in her life but seriously, even when I whine it is all about the next step never the past. I whine out of worry because as a history fan I know how it ironically repeats itself whenever someone thinks he is smart enough to beat the odds.
But even if history keeps repeating itself, trying to beat the odds will always be the only way for development. We won’t advance if we stayed in the safe corner of what we know. We have to take a step into the dark hoping that this step might be a start for a journey to a new light. We take a step into the dark praying that it isn’t the last on a steep hill. We hope, we pray and we plan for our steps. For an outsider a step into the dark seems as an aimless step but for us, for each of us, darkness promises a meaning. Darkness is a direction. Darkness is our bright future that depends so much on where we stand now and more on where we came from.
And that doesn’t mean that those who are standing on the edge of a steep hill will always end up crashed on the valley’s rocks. Sometimes the worse the place you came from the better the place you will end up at. Because life is pretty much like a card game, it is not really about how good the cards you were dealt are. It is all about how good you can use what you were dealt. It is about when to place the bets, when to pass and when to finally quit.
In that game you don’t get to long for the time you won when you lose. First longing won’t bring winnings back, playing will. Second the sweetness of the memory will always be accompanied by bitterness. Longing is a bitter feeling, it holds an unsatisfied need. And if we have to long we should long for tomorrow. That way bitterness will go with the sweetness of satisfaction.
And as we don’t get to long for the time we won, we don’t get to regret the way we mistakenly used our cards. Because that foolishness was the reason we knew how things were supposed to be. It is all about how we can make best of the cards we have been dealt now. Whether we win or lose, it will just be a base for a new step into a new darkness.
And if that matters, we don’t get to blame the dealer as his job is to blindly deal the cards evenly. The same way we don’t get to blame the hill for being steep or the rocks for being sharp. It is how we use our cards that define where & how we will end up.
It is all in our hands.

March 13, 2009

Analyze This!

The “tell me honestly” tag is all over the facebook, everyone is tagging everyone to know how they think of them honestly.

Imagine someone getting these answers. I think we should always be careful with what we wish for :)))

1- Who are you?

I don’t think you would want to know

2- Are we friends?

Not really

3- When and how did we meet?

Didn’t have the pleasure yet

4- Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

The blind, you would know why in a moment

5- Describe me in one word

Stupid, fits the context

6- What was your first impression?


7- Do you still think that way about me now?

Hmm … yeah!

8- What reminds you of me?

Nothing in particular, you are in my blind spot

9 - If you could give me anything what would it be?

A bullet in your head, or better a slow poison. (Just to put you out of your misery)

10 - Which song reminds you of me?

This is to prove you are a slow thinker, I said you are in my blind spot.

11- How well do you know me?

Enough I guess!

12- When’s the last time you saw me?

I can’t remember, but not long ago

13- Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

Yes, I slept with your husband

14- What do you hate about me?

I pity you! But I hate your mere existence if that matters

15- What do you love about me?

Check the previous answer

16- Where do you see me in 7 years?

The same way I see you in 70 years, Blind!

17- Are you going to copy this pic to see what do I or people say?

No, I am comfortable with dishonesty.

March 09, 2009

The New Look

I was bored and I thought the blog needs a face lift but it seems that the operation didn't go as smoothly as the lazy me expected it to be.

Blogger is really giving me hard time in return for it ease of use.

I would really appreciate your opinion regarding the new appearance, the ease of browsing and the most important is reporting errors.

If you mentioned the type of your browser it will be so helpful in fixing the error :)

Thanks in advance

March 05, 2009

A Quote

Okay so sometimes, even the best of us make rash decisions - bad decisions. Decisions we pretty much know we're gonna regret the moment, the minute - especially the morning after. I mean, maybe not "regret" regret because at least, you know, we put ourselves out there but still, something inside us decides to do a crazy thing. A thing we know'll probably turn around and bite us in the ass yet we do it anyway.