December 11, 2011

Quote of the Day

Most women who date, I would guess, don’t have men throwing themselves at them every night of the week. Sometimes there’s a long stretch during which nobody’s asking us out. So when we see a guy that we feel might be a romantic possibility, it’s even harder for us to take a backseat. That opportunity might not come back again for a long time.
But guess what: My way? Has sucked. Hasn’t worked at all. I’ve never had a successful relationship with a guy that I’ve pursued. I’m sure there are many stories out there to the contrary. But for me, those guys end up getting back together with their ex-girlfriend, needing to take some time for themselves, or going out of town for business.
Usually it doesn’t even get that far.

And there is something great about knowing that my only job is to be as happy as I can be about my life, and feel as good as I can about myself, and to lead as full and eventful a life as I can, so that it doesn’t ever feel like I’m just waiting around for some guy to ask me out. And most importantly, it’s good for us all to remember that we don’t need to scheme and plot and beg to get someone to ask us out.
We’re fantastic

The book - He is just not that into you

December 06, 2011

Collective Tweets - On the Middle East's bigger picture

Because I am paying attention to Russian news/ analysis since the Arab Spring mess started. They have expected thier protests since February.

An analyst said that Russia is worried coz they have lots of internal troubles that US will move UN against Russia based on Human rights

So now we get elections & protests in Russia, & US/ EU as expected showing discomfort & in support of those protests!

Those "protests" come after the interesting move of Russia putting their "Iskandar" missiles in front of the NATO missiles shield

Russia is standing firmly beside little lion in Syria ... a quick look at the map. & keeping in mind the Russian money invested in Europe ..

Russia is fighting a new war ... the end of the eastern bloc didn't put an end to "Russia". So it is a make it, or break it kind of thing

The world is going nationalistic. The USA as an empire with the "globalization" system should be coming to an end. But ... I can't tell

Europe was the field of operations once, then it moved to far east Asia. It is middle east now. Or so I believe.

It was the 1st Afghan war that put an end to "USSR", the very successful secret war by the US. The question is, r we going to see another 1?

& for the record, probably Russia & China will play as one team in that game. Or this will be the end of their potential to grow

& for the record, Russia has their 6 April franchise too. The same Serbian trained orgs :) check wiki for details. They like to brag :)

I would like to give you the heads up on why the Islamists card didn't help Mubarak, Qaddafi, Assad in proving their points to the west

Islamists are welcomed to rule for many obvious reasons. That won't include any conspiracies.

1st, the bigger part in the Israeli/ Palestinian problem is that Israel is based on "Religion" as an ethnicity. Duh!

So to build common grounds between Israel & neighbors, it is logical if those neighbors are built on religion as an ethnicity too ... DUH!

You get Southern Sudan as a "christian" country, Northern Sudan being sold as "islamic". Then Libya, Tunisia, Egypt & Morocco

The triangle of power in the middle east is turning into a religions camps rather than strategical benefits. We have the Sunni/ Shia/ Jews

The rise of Salafies, that Mrs US ambassador to Egypt discussed back in feb. is exactly the anti Shia power in the region

So, when Soliman Brother Muslim-hood said that Mubarak being out of power meant and Islamists rule, he was answer by "Now means Now"

The Islamists are not something the US can fear, but there is a tiny problem. The US once used those Islamists to beat USSR.

It is really complicated in the middle east ... way too complicated to be put in 140 chrs & be fine about it. Just fasten ur seat belts

December 04, 2011

On the things that can’t be said

There was that moment, I was lying on the floor unable to move, unable to think, unable to do anything but weeping. I wanted the whole world to freeze. I wanted to spend the rest of whatever I have in life there on the floor crying my heart out. Then it occurred to me, that my family will be back and they won’t like that scene. They will get shocked and they will ask me “what’s wrong with you”.

The idea that someone might ask me “what’s wrong with you” and care to wait for an answer past the “nothing wrong” answer was the only reason I got off that floor & stopped crying.

All what I know that as much as it feels right to just surrender to the feeling it is too dreadful to have to explain it to anyone.

What am I supposed to say?

What am I supposed to say?

December 03, 2011

Re-posting - Wrong Catches

Because names change, but the story is always the same ....

May be it is the birthday blues or just I have become addicted to mood swings.
A psychiatric friend once summed what she called my case as a commitment phobic behavior. She explained my tendency to choose the wrong men by a deep fear of commitment. She said that I unconsciously choose the relations that I know will never work. I choose the men I know will never commit and therefore I deliberately decide my heart breaks before even getting into a relation.
My sister on the other hand claims that I always choose losers. She is convinced that I am a sort of a magnet that attracts a certain type of men. This type of men is generally characterized by being involved in something/ someone else. A typical scenario will be me choosing a playboy over a decent guy, a committed guy over a single one or any man who will have something/ someone else filling up his life.
When Brad asked me for the date I couldn’t believe myself and I went telling her. She looked at me in disgust and said “so is he married or engaged” so I replied in depression “neither, nor. He is single”. She said in astonishment “strange!! So where is the catch?” and when I told her about my agreement with Brad she wore a knowing smile, the smile of someone who just figured out the solution to a kid’s puzzle.
I don’t really know if I am a magnet that attracts men who will never commit or I am really commitment phobic person or may be I am punishing myself for something that I can’t remember.
What I can remember is that I have started with a set of great expectations; I started by dreaming of the perfect relation, a perfect man who is smart, handsome, successful and ambitious, A man who has the manners of a knight and the mentality of a philosopher.
Then I introduced the term compromise to my dictionary. I compromised the looks with the first man; a friend at that time convinced me that looks aren’t everything and what really counts in the personality. Then I introduced compromise to the personality department, as I believe no one is perfect. I compromised my long list of needs to have my fairy tale, to have prince charming and the happy ever after life. But prince charming had a witch mother and unlike fairy tales the witch won the war not the dreaming princess.
I started by giving away the prince charming in my fairy tale then I moved on to give away the happy ever after part. I got marriage off my list of goals. I gave away the little girl’s dream of being a princess for one night. I learnt that there is no happy ever after life, I knew that the word end means a new start, I discovered that if Romeo and Juliet were to get married they would have ended divorced or at least regretting the day they met.
I gave away the dream and started living the reality. I took marriage off my list of goals; I adopted a no need for men attitude. I wore a sign reading I am single and I am happy.
I killed the little girl and kept the woman. I kept the woman who understands the need for a man to have his space, his life and to have non-obligating company.

May be the real problem isn’t my fear of commitment and not even my phobia of change. But may be the real phobia is my phobia of being loved, my fear of belonging to someone. I have never belonged to anyone, none of them dared rising his flag on my territory, all what they asked for was a permission to access my land as visitors, and no one wanted to stay. No one cared to take a deeper look than the tourist eyes. They came, they enjoyed and the left without a goodbye. I was never theirs as they were never mine.

I don’t regret burying the dreams along with the feelings. I don’t mourn the little girl with her princess’s fairy tales. I need no man to complete me. I am happy being the queen of my own tale. I am the ruler of my own free land. I belong to no one but myself.

There weren’t catches to be right or wrong.