August 26, 2013

August 25, 2013

The Blues ...

Him: What is the worst time of the day?

Her: It must be the mornings. I wake up with you in my mind and I spend the whole day fighting it ... Or maybe it is the nights, I keep waiting for you and when the wait is too heavy I cry myself to sleep.

August 20, 2013

Going on 35

I just turned 34! YAY!

All through the year I had ideas about this post. Lots of things happened that would have made this a perfect year! Yet as we all know, nothing in this life is perfect. I don’t dare calling it a bad year. I would have called it a good year but I am writing this right now with a really heavy heart.

So it was just another year …

With lots of hopes and disappointments I am looking forward to the 35th birthday, a  milestone that I have set years ago.

So what made it a good/ bad/ just a year?

1st: Dream Job
Yes! You read that right. I have had a rare opportunity to do something that I really enjoy. I am getting paid for researching and reading. I would share one day more details about that job.
But for now, it isn’t only that I get paid for researching and reading that makes the job perfect but also the fact that I am working with a true mentor. I am really enjoying my time.
The downside? It is a temporary job. And I got attached to it. It is just like knowing that you are having a really pleasant dream and that you have to wake up eventually.

2nd: Dream Man
Yes! I had a chance to date my dream man. I fell in love with the guy that was carved out of my dreams. I had some of the best time in my life with him. I have never been happier.
The downside? He turned out to be a temporary thing too. And as much as I had some of the best time I had in my life. I am left with some of the most profound pain I ever had in my life.
He didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday … Typical!

3rd: Friends … Friends
I made lots of new friends this year. I realized I am always on the move on the friendship frontier. I make lots of friends. Always really interesting and kindly hearted people. I think I am blessed.
The downside?
- Sameh didn’t wish me a happy birthday. He remembers, he asked me two days ago what I want for my birthday, but he didn’t do what he had always done since we 1st met. It is my birthday morning and there is no sign of Sameh.
- I am not talking to Essam. He blocked me on Facebook over politics. And I am deeply hurt.

4th: Politics
Egypt has been going through a lot of mess. And correcting it will take more mess before things get better. If they ever do!

So, it has been a year … a lively year. I am so grateful for all the good things that happened. My heart aches over the things I lost.
I yearn for things that I wanted to happen in that year and didn’t but I am generally grateful.

Happy birthday to me.

Thank you all for listening. XoXo