November 19, 2013


He called me smart and that made me cry. I told him that everyone else called me smart. It is becoming more of an offense.
They all called me smart but wanted one thing.

They wanted sex.
He wanted sex too.
So I cried.

They all say they love me, they all call me smart, they all want sex and they all break my heart.

I just want a man who doesn’t call me smart.

I am not smart. Smart women don’t get their hearts broken.

November 11, 2013

Unnecessary Confession

It is both our fault. We kept saying it was nothing. We pretended it was nothing. And now it had to end & we both know we can't put an end to nothing.
It is something. It had always been something and that's why it had to end. Tragically.

It is both our fault.