March 21, 2011

Collective Tweets – Referendum’s Religion War

Hello World!

It’s been a while. I really miss blogging but this time I am not going to blame facebook for distraction I am going to blame twitter.

It is easy and I don’t comply with the formality of writing.

I am lazy which isn’t news and because my followers asked my repeatedly to gather tweets about the same subject in one place so they can follow the idea without getting lost in the time line. Here I am starting a sequence of posts with collective tweets.

  • - I find the video of the father in the church asking his followers to vote no to save Egypt from an Islamic state alarming for many reasons
  • - The referendum poll wasn't about religion, because surprise surprise, a yes & a no lead to re-writing the constitution.
  • - And here is a fact check; Islam isn't about MB or the Salafis. And surprise, surprise Egypt has majority of Muslims
  • - So regardless the thoughts the Islamic identity of the majority of the Egyptians will be reflected on the constitution.
  • - But reflecting the identity of the majority doesn't ever mean not preserving the "minority" identity too.
  • - So make anything a religion war and you lose. In Egypt, people who never pray will happily kill in the name of their religion.
  • - Dear Egyptians turning everything into a religion war, I can hear Lord Wingate laughing in his grave saying "I told you they will fight"