October 18, 2009

Once Upon a Time in Neverland

Y: I can’t keep on that lame dance for good. You got to make choices. You have to decide which side you are.

X: You are scaring me.

Y: I never thought the idea of losing me will scare you that much.

X: it isn’t. The idea of marrying you is!

Picture: Rebecca Amroian

October 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes - Juliette Binoche

October 12, 2009

The List

As if you didn't know me enough :)

1- Were you named after anyone?

2- When was the last Time you cried?
Last Thursday, as I talked the night away with the ex!

3- Do you like your handwriting?

4- What's your favorite lunch meat?
I am a steak person

5- Do you have kids?

6- If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Hmmm, I guess yes!

7- Do you use sarcasm?

8- Do you still have your tonsils?

9 -Would you BUNGEE JUMP?

10- What's your favorite cereal?
Nothing specific

11- Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Only if I had too.

12- What's your favorite ice-cream?
Mango & chocolate

13- What's the first thing you notice about people?
How fake their smile is

14- Red or Pink?
Pink, then Red

15- What's your least favorite thing about yourself?
How I get attached to people

16- Who do you miss the most?
My Mom

17- Do you want everyone to complete this list?
Sure, it is good to have fun every now and then.

18- What color pants and shirt are you wearing?
A dress, and flip-flops

19- What are you listening to right now?
Little Pieces, Gomez

20- If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Blue, or maybe green. Something that a kid will use a lot.

21-Favorite smells?
Rain, Grass, fresh bakes and me just out of shower.

22- Who was the last person you talked to on phone?
Texted, Sameh, this morning.

23- How do you know the person who sent you this?
Cesario, we know each other through blogging.

24- Favorite sports to watch?
Almost everything. My favorite sport is watching sports.

25- Hair Color?

26- Eye Color?
Brown, matching the hair ;)

27- Do you wear contacts?

29- Favorite food?
That question hurts! I love food, why do you think I am always dieting. Everything is my favorite :(

30- Scary movie or happy endings?
Neither, Nor. Anything that will make me laugh!

31- Last movie you watched?
I can’t remember.

32- What color shirt are you wearing?
Again, I am wearing dress. Pale yellow.

33- Summer or Winter?

34- Hugs or Kisses?

35- What book are you reading right now?
Just finished Isabel Allende’s “Portrait in Sepia” and I completely loved it!

36- What's on your mouse pad?
I don't use one.

37- What did you watch on tv last night?
I didn’t watch TV last night. The last thing I watched was Egypt vs Zambia football match two days ago.

38- Favorite sound(s)?
The rain, water in general.

39- Rolling stones or beatles?

40- What's the farthest you have been from home?
KSA (Umrah)

41- Do you have a special talent?
Hmmm, used to think I have.

42- Where were you born?
Cairo, Egypt

43- Favorite piece of jewlery?
Necklaces and Bangles.

October 10, 2009

Talking a Night Away

Him: what’s the type of disaster did you do this time

Me: I did nothing, I swear. Why do you think I did something?

Him: Isn’t there anyone new?

Me: No, I have become too old and ugly to attract men.

Him: hehe … no way, you are still as sexy as ever.

Me: Was, I am not sexy or anything now

Him: blah … blah … blah


Him: if only you knew how much I see you beautiful and sexy, you would have done it long time ago.

Me: you know I would have done it anyway if I can ;)

Me: H, am I really beautiful?

Him: You are

Me: So what is so bad about me?

Him: You are being stupid. You try to mask your intelligence with your stupidity. I am sorry but you asked for honesty. You have some ideas that cause lots of miscommunication

Me: But I try to communicate, I do my best to communicate

Him: You have to change your way, it makes you fail every time.

Me: What should I do?

Him: You should stop trying to force your way on people.

Me: I don’t try to force my way on people. I am even being nice to those I hate.

Him: What’s the use of being nice to someone after giving them a hard time?

Me: I only give them hard time when they try to impose change on me in a way. Why don’t people just accept me the way I am?

Him: You have some really stupid ideas!

Me: The thing is I invest in people. I expect return on this investment.

Him: I told you, you have some really stupid ideas. If you really have to invest in people, do it in real people not someone you knew online. If you really have to invest, invest in family, husband and kids.

Me: I am already investing in my family. I have nothing else but friends and those you call unreal people. And I stopped making friends online long time ago

Him: “Raising someone else’s child is like building on a land that you don’t own”. You are investing in me, you are investing in HIM and God only knows who else.

Me: 1st you are real. 2nd do you think I should cut HIM off? I don’t count him as an unreal person but do you think I should cut HIM off?

Him: Why do you think you should cut him off?

Me: Nothing, you have a perspective and I’d like to know what you think.

Him: Don’t cut him off! Just get to know what to expect in return before investing. Give as much as you are expecting to be given. I won’t talk about HIM, I don’t know HIM but I know me, so I’ll talk about me. Well, I miss you. I love you. But when you are not around I have a life that I am not ready to give up for any reason. (Sorry for being rude). So, regardless how much you will invest in me you won’t get more than whatever I have to offer.

Me: No one would ever give as much as I invest, because everyone has his life.

Him: So the question is why do you invest? Or why do you over invest? Isn’t it wise to give me as much as you are expecting me to give back?

Me: Well, if my investment in people could translate into money terms I assure you I have thrown away a whole fortune.

Him: I can’t agree more, baby. So learn and ACT!

Me: All what I wanted that one day one of the losers I have invested in will choose me over the lots of silly things they choose over me.

Him: Honey, if you invested in me hoping that I will give up my life for you this will be pure stupidity because I won’t give up my life for anything. The best I can do is having you along them.

Me: But I never asked you to dump your life for me.

Him: what I mean is that each person has a limit. The limit for me is to have you along them. I don’t know about him but I am sure each person has his own agenda.

Me: so, how can I get to know this limit?

Him: Be rational, study the person. You are good at this.

Me: I am not good at anything.

Him: Ok, for example, me. What do you expect from me?

Me: Nothing!

Him: Wrong. Again you are being stupid. You can have lots of things of me. I miss you, I love you, I listen to you, and I support you. I can give you lots of things that only thing that I can’t give is giving up my life, my wife and kid. This is the only thing I can’t do. But saying that you are expecting nothing from me just because I can’t give you things the way you want it to be is pure stupidity.

Me: having the things in a way that I don’t want means that I didn’t have them.

Him: once more, stupid. You should collect things. They might be useful one day.

Me: Collections are useless.

Him: No, it is like having someone for everything. It is better than not having anyone for anything. The thing is you are seeking a lover, a husband. This will take time. But leaving all of them behind just because they are not husbands isn’t the right thing to do.

Me: I am not looking for a husband.

Him: Silly.

Me: Well, this is the problem. I am not looking for a husband.

Him: I am just giving you an example.

Me: I am not expecting anyone to be my husband. I am just expecting that at least people mean the things they say, I want people not to lie to me, and I want people to respect that I might be smart. I want people to apologize sometimes. And I would like to know what they want from me.
Him: I was just talking about this with a friend of mine and I was telling her that in 90% of the times a man gets to know a woman for sex. In 5% he knows her for company and filling time and the last 5% he is serious and considering commitment. So whenever in doubt, try these percentages.

Me: I deserve better than that. I deserve better than being just an entertainment. This breaks my heart.

Him: It is sad but true. Hence you don’t have to invest in no return investments.

Me: Do you think I really deserve better?

Him: Everyone deserves better. I just wonder why you always end up with this type of people. I think it is because you are always selling yourself short.


Him: you have admirers and lovers. I am one of them; if I weren’t married I would have married you in a heartbeat. And I am so serious about having you along her!

Me: I only want to know why they always choose other women over me.

Him: I think they do because they are already committed. No one would end a commitment.

Me: No, even those who weren’t committed chose other women. One of them even made a list of the things that turned him off. That included my poor choice of wardrobe, my voice, my P’s & B’s and that YOU have left prints on me

Him: He is just stupid. And the things he mentioned don’t make a decent man leave a woman. Plus, why do you keep telling people about us?

Me: because I am an honest person.

Him: but there is nothing to be told. It is just that you had a boyfriend as simple as that. You just keep over reacting. So, stop telling them details that will make them scared because these details are only big in your mind.

Me: I only see details and though might be little, I always see them big.

Him: Tell me about that guy, what did you want from him, Marriage?

Me: No

Him: So, you didn’t want marriage and you didn’t want him to leave you to another woman? I can’t get this!

Me: All what I wanted was potential. Plus, I can’t understand you! You have always been attacking me whenever I showed that I wanted real commitment, now you are attacking me for saying I don’t. I don’t really get why men flee either way!

Him: You can always have me ;)


Him: I never knew how to handle you. I am not a beginner and you have always made me feel like one. I don’t know why maybe because of how I always felt towards you. But all what I know is that I am a beginner when you are around.

Me: Thanks God I met the beginner, that beginner is way too experienced for me.

Him: You don’t know how much you worth.

Me: LOL, you reminded me of a friend, he always said that I under estimate myself.

Him: Your friend is wise, and this is the weakest point about you. Anyone could get to you from it.

Me: Yeah, that was what my friend told me when he met M.

Him: Do you tell all your friends about all your relations? How can you find the time? Did you tell HIM about M too.

Me: Well, HE knows everything about me.

Him: like what?

Me: Like everything. Like he’s been living with me for years.

Him: hmmm

Me: anyway, I just can’t stand HIM these days.

Him: No, and I know why?

Me: Why?

Him: You know how much I hate chatting. Go sleep (k)

October 06, 2009

Some nights are just destined to be long, this is one of them.

October 05, 2009

Because a Picture Worth a Thousand Words

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know."Diane Arbus