February 17, 2007

Cheat Chat

I have spread my dreams under your feet;Tread softly because you tread on my dreams!!
- William Butler Yeats, From "He wishes for the cloths of heaven

In love as in war, loyalty is a question that some of us fail. In love as in war, some of us cheat. In love as in war, cheating is a betrayal. In love as in war, people cheat for a reason, but in war people cheat for money as war betrayals are highly valued, while in love people cheat for thousand different reasons that includes habit on the top of them.
Why do men cheat? The answer is simple; most of them do to prove that the quasi-God still can have more dedicated worshipers in addition to the one he already gained.
Some men cheat out of habit, they were born to be cheaters, they cheat for cheating itself, just for the thrill of having a double life while some men cheat out of a logical reason. They claim that they are not happy in the relations they have so they sake stability and happiness in the hidden affairs.
Some men cheat out of a philosophical call. They think that they, by cheating, are seeking the perfection they lack in their relationships. Some seek the perfect sex, perfect romance, perfect woman, or even a perfect relation. They cheat out of being perfectionists; regardless that cheating is a flaw of the perfection they seek.
If men cheat out of nature, then women cheat out of defense. Women by nature are not cheating creatures, they as worshipers of the quasi-Gods are loyal to their faith. Cheating on her man is as changing her religion. But even though some women cheat, for reasons that may be similar to those men have, some women cheat to compensate an unhappy relation, some women cheat to compensate neglect, but all of them cheat out of revenge. A woman cheats to make her man drink from the same glass she is sipping. Cheating for women is the last possible weapon to be used against a man, a weapon that she knows quiet well will be killing her before killing him.
Every reason in this world is debatable. Regardless the reasons for cheating on a partner, these reasons are never enough, those who seek happiness in an affair ignore the fact that they will be hurting more than one person in process, they will be hurting their partner, they will be hurting the person whom they are having the affair with, they will be hurting people who are directly and indirectly involved with them. The only winner in the affair game is the person himself who is cheating. He/she will have the whole fun, with minimum loss while people around him will suffer. This person is hiding real motives behind logical sense, if someone is being cheating for finding true love, so why in first place getting involved with a fake love, if a person is seeking happiness in an affair so why in first place getting involved with misery, if a person is seeking perfection why he got involved with defects. Again, every reason is debatable, so there will never be enough convincing reason for betraying someone's trust. There will never be a convincing reason to sustain a relation that is technically no longer exists. There will never be a convincing reason, to escape reality and search for self satisfaction while hurting others.
Always the betrayal will be a betrayal regardless how noble the motive is.

February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

Between the blues of old memories, and the confusions of current maneuvers, between the grounds of lies and the skies of truth, I discovered that Valentine's Day is not a day to celebrate love. It is a day to remind us that love resides else where. It reminds us that love lives where we least expect.

look around u .. love isn't in the air ..

Happy Valentine's Day