October 28, 2010

Thursday's Thought - The Future of Computers

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Remember the movie 2010? Growing up it was one of the sci-fi movies promising lots of technological miracles in the 21st century. I still remember that talking computer Hal, and how it knew who is using it and was able of carrying rational conversation. This doesn’t surprise me now. Computers can talk, and can tell who is using them by lots of means now. What surprises me that the 21st century is here and we don’t have human like robots with emotions as depicted in many sci-fi prophecies. Instead of having the slave robots, we got a telecommunications revolution. Maybe we didn’t get the holograms that make us almost touch our loved ones who live on other planets. But we can video chat with our loved ones across the ocean. We can cut time and distance and enjoy things our parents didn’t dare to dream of doing when they were our age.

But it always makes me wonder, what’s next? Telecommunications made the “where” almost irrelevant. Maybe now it is time to beat the “when”. We overcame distance and location but we still have the problem of time. If the next step managed to overcome time, this is will be a huge leap for humanity. I can’t even imagine how life would be if time was a factor that you can beat.

I can’t wait till the ease of human interactions on the internet finds its way to real life. Imagine being able to search your memory with a human google application or to socially interact with people as easy as you do on facebook.

Forget about robots, what do you think will be the next life changing technological revolution?

October 21, 2010

What If?

So what if you let someone to cool down and come back and they never did?

What if they cooled down but still never came back?

How long can personal history last in such a battle?Is it how long that matters or how deep?

What if they came back to nothing?

What if there was magic in the world?

What if you realized you owe your life to someone, would you leave? Perhaps thank 'em for it?

What if they saved you without intending, or even noticing? Will you stay?

What if there wasn’t magic in the world and there was nothing to come back to, will you ever cool down?

What if I am not who I am, and you are not who you are, were we going to even meet? What if we are not when we are now, would you tell me what I have been telling you all those years?

What if you can?! ... Will you ever do?

What if?

October 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts Party

One more time Jessy comes with a brilliant idea, it is the Thursday Thoughts and she is having a blog link party every Thursday and all bloggers are invited.

So, let's have fun thinking :)

Here is the invitation:

I am having a Blog Link Party every Thursday. You can write anything you like and link up. Here's an example of last week's post http://www.chocolatemintsinajar.com/blog/2010/10/thursdays-thought-join-in-with-your-thoughts/ . I usually have these ideas that would never make sense as a post but are quirky and interesting on their own and I feel like sharing anyways.

The idea is that there are some awesome blogs out there but it is not always easy to find them.

I'd love it if you could join me every Thursday. You don't have to post on Thursday but the link tool will be up on Thursday on my blog.

If you have any comments or ideas or input let me know.

If you know other blogs that are awesome as well feel free to invite them too.

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October 15, 2010

The Inevitable

After a certain age, people will start talking you into the virtue of friendships over relationships. After a certain set of experiences you know that losing a friend is always harder than losing a lover maybe because we grow up knowing that love, in most times, don’t last. But friendships are supposed to be for life.

Friends are those who take you the way you are, mostly because you do the same. It is mutual, once one of the parties fall out of it, it just fades. You will try as hard as the other would have tried to keep you. You never get to the point of selflessness to keep a friend, because after all a real friend won’t let you do it. A real friend will always meet you midway.

So we keep our friends as friends and look for relationships outside, because supposedly friendships are meant to last and it is always a bad idea to look for a relationship among your friends. Because this will mean you will lose the friend when you lose the lover.

You play it safe. And it will work. And it will last. But it will only last till a relationship is on the horizon and you won’t have a place in your friend’s life. And after being on the top of priorities, you start becoming in the tail of them. And one day you will wake up as a person he/ she used to know.

Regardless the reasons, which by the way will always be strong and valid, you will eventually lose the friend.

The worst about it will always be that you are the only one who will feel the pain of loss. Unlike breaking up with a lover which in most cases is painful for the two sides regardless how right the decision is. A friend leaving you behind for a relationship is never painful for him/ her.

You won’t even be missed.

So don’t play it safe. Lose the friend for love or whatever risk when you feel like it, because you are losing him/ her anyway.

October 08, 2010

Update your Feeds


So, I have been playing around and I think I changed the feed URL

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I am also thinking of a blog new look :)

Let's see where boredom will take me :)

To Whom it may Concern!

Let's assume that the long sincere talks, the intimate coffees and the full of fun dinners are of substance enough to make this a relationship and take it from there!