October 28, 2010

Thursday's Thought - The Future of Computers

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Remember the movie 2010? Growing up it was one of the sci-fi movies promising lots of technological miracles in the 21st century. I still remember that talking computer Hal, and how it knew who is using it and was able of carrying rational conversation. This doesn’t surprise me now. Computers can talk, and can tell who is using them by lots of means now. What surprises me that the 21st century is here and we don’t have human like robots with emotions as depicted in many sci-fi prophecies. Instead of having the slave robots, we got a telecommunications revolution. Maybe we didn’t get the holograms that make us almost touch our loved ones who live on other planets. But we can video chat with our loved ones across the ocean. We can cut time and distance and enjoy things our parents didn’t dare to dream of doing when they were our age.

But it always makes me wonder, what’s next? Telecommunications made the “where” almost irrelevant. Maybe now it is time to beat the “when”. We overcame distance and location but we still have the problem of time. If the next step managed to overcome time, this is will be a huge leap for humanity. I can’t even imagine how life would be if time was a factor that you can beat.

I can’t wait till the ease of human interactions on the internet finds its way to real life. Imagine being able to search your memory with a human google application or to socially interact with people as easy as you do on facebook.

Forget about robots, what do you think will be the next life changing technological revolution?


Mohaly said...

Actually it came true in a way.. instead of turning robots into humans, humans now are turning into robots.. and in both cases we are getting "Human Robots".

Shimaa Gamal said...


so true ya Mohaly