October 15, 2010

The Inevitable

After a certain age, people will start talking you into the virtue of friendships over relationships. After a certain set of experiences you know that losing a friend is always harder than losing a lover maybe because we grow up knowing that love, in most times, don’t last. But friendships are supposed to be for life.

Friends are those who take you the way you are, mostly because you do the same. It is mutual, once one of the parties fall out of it, it just fades. You will try as hard as the other would have tried to keep you. You never get to the point of selflessness to keep a friend, because after all a real friend won’t let you do it. A real friend will always meet you midway.

So we keep our friends as friends and look for relationships outside, because supposedly friendships are meant to last and it is always a bad idea to look for a relationship among your friends. Because this will mean you will lose the friend when you lose the lover.

You play it safe. And it will work. And it will last. But it will only last till a relationship is on the horizon and you won’t have a place in your friend’s life. And after being on the top of priorities, you start becoming in the tail of them. And one day you will wake up as a person he/ she used to know.

Regardless the reasons, which by the way will always be strong and valid, you will eventually lose the friend.

The worst about it will always be that you are the only one who will feel the pain of loss. Unlike breaking up with a lover which in most cases is painful for the two sides regardless how right the decision is. A friend leaving you behind for a relationship is never painful for him/ her.

You won’t even be missed.

So don’t play it safe. Lose the friend for love or whatever risk when you feel like it, because you are losing him/ her anyway.


redamaged said...

I like the idea of not playing safe, kinda promotes for a richer life. However, it's hard not to notice that the post is coming wrapped in blue mood. Blue is tricky, it pretends it's not there and tries to pull us in.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Reda

Not playing it safe means you get to what you want faster or at worst you move on to whatever is next sooner.

I don't think I feel blue :) But maybe it is as you described it. Tricky pretending not to be their while pulling us in.

I will be cautious :)

Thanks for passing by