October 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts Party

One more time Jessy comes with a brilliant idea, it is the Thursday Thoughts and she is having a blog link party every Thursday and all bloggers are invited.

So, let's have fun thinking :)

Here is the invitation:

I am having a Blog Link Party every Thursday. You can write anything you like and link up. Here's an example of last week's post http://www.chocolatemintsinajar.com/blog/2010/10/thursdays-thought-join-in-with-your-thoughts/ . I usually have these ideas that would never make sense as a post but are quirky and interesting on their own and I feel like sharing anyways.

The idea is that there are some awesome blogs out there but it is not always easy to find them.

I'd love it if you could join me every Thursday. You don't have to post on Thursday but the link tool will be up on Thursday on my blog.

If you have any comments or ideas or input let me know.

If you know other blogs that are awesome as well feel free to invite them too.

Best Regards,


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