October 21, 2010

What If?

So what if you let someone to cool down and come back and they never did?

What if they cooled down but still never came back?

How long can personal history last in such a battle?Is it how long that matters or how deep?

What if they came back to nothing?

What if there was magic in the world?

What if you realized you owe your life to someone, would you leave? Perhaps thank 'em for it?

What if they saved you without intending, or even noticing? Will you stay?

What if there wasn’t magic in the world and there was nothing to come back to, will you ever cool down?

What if I am not who I am, and you are not who you are, were we going to even meet? What if we are not when we are now, would you tell me what I have been telling you all those years?

What if you can?! ... Will you ever do?

What if?


Nerro said...

What and If are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shimaa,
that sounds pretty much like (Talassim) to me, what's up with you these days, hope you are all right dear.
أجَـديــدٌ أم قـديـمٌ أنا فـى هــذا الـوجــود
هـل أنا حــرٌ طـليـقٌ أم أسـيـرٌ فى قيـود
هل أنا قائد نفسى فى حياتى أم أنا مـَقود
أتـمنـى أننــى أدرى و لكــن . . . . . .
لسـت أدرى !

as always best regards.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello M

It is sort of "talassim", these were some of my bedtime thoughts.

They seem completely unrelated now :) but actually they made sense when I thought of them.

Thoughts start haunting me the moment my head hug the pillow :)

I hope things are fine on your side of the world.

Mohaly said...

What if I don't understand enti 3ayza eig belzabt?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mohaly :)
Ok, probably it is either a punctuation problem or a hallucination problem, or maybe both :)

So, the thought was about serious of seemly unrelated things.

What if you let someone to cool down and get back to normal and they never did.

We all do it all the time, instead of working our issues out we take a step back so that the other side cool down and get back to normal.

What if we gave them space and they never cooled down and never came back.

Or even worse, what if giving them space worked and they cooled down and figured out that they are better off away.

And how long personal history can hold in the battle of "giving space". And this personal history, is it important how long it is, or how deep it is.

And what if after cooling down you get back to nothing.

then the eternal question, what if there is magic in the world? like real magic, and good things happening with no stings attached.

and what if you realized that you owe your life to someone? will you leave them? will you thank them? what will you do?

and what if they did it with no intension? will you have the same reaction? does saving your life with no intention deserves a thank you for instance?

and what if there isn't really magic in the world, and things will always happen when and how they want to happen not when and how we want them to do? will you reconsider a relationship, or step? you will take time to rationalize something that pissed you off in the 1st place?

and what if I am not me, and you are not you will we ever meet. and this is completely unanswerable :) God only knows.

And what if we are not when we are now, and this is completely a personal thought, that if time wasn't the time being with the certain givens I have, will someone do something differently. which is completely unanswerable too :)

and in conclusion, what if you can do a thing be it cooling down, forgiving, coming back, saying something, doing the right thing, make this the right time .. etc. What if you can, will this mean you will do what you can do? Or you won't?

Does this make any sense?

Sam the man said...

in al "what if" tafta7 3amal el "devil"

Shimaa Gamal said...

sa7 ya SemSem :)