February 16, 2012

A Step into a Fantasy

There was that moment, when she closed her eyes and laid back in the car seat as he drove her in the dark empty streets of their city. There was nothing but the sound of the music she loves filling the air and his scent.

If only time could be stopped.

“Are you happy?” he later asked her.

She wished she could find enough words to explain the overwhelmingly indescribable feelings she had at that moment. But instead like a little girl she stuttered in agreement.

Her heart and mind were still frozen on that moment, the fantasy that out of the blue came true.

She had always wanted to go on a ride with a nice man who would make her safe enough to close her eyes and enjoy the speed, the music & the scent of him. When she first had that fantasy she had someone in mind. But that someone never made her feel safe. He never played music and he was too shallow for her liking.

But him … he was different. He is nice. He is of substance enough to carry on an endless entertaining conversation. He could understand and argue her philosophical revelations and he had a great taste of music. He is also a good driver.

So in a moment she was face to face with a dream coming true. Mesmerizing, such a high that she wished she could keep fresh for years.
She wished she could hold his hand. She wished she could just ask him for a hug.

She wished this moment could last longer.

Or maybe she secretly wished he would last longer …

He is like a stone thrown into the stagnant lake of her life. He woke her up. He pulled her back into life. He made her feel young, capable and wanted. He made her feel all the things that she hasn’t been feeling in years. He made her want things. He even made her dream again.

She wanted him to stay … she wanted the potential she felt he holds to be real not only her desire. She wanted to go on endless rides. She wanted to have endless talks. She wanted the hug he promised will be there if she ever needed one. She wanted to share the things he said he wanted to do in his life.

She wanted in …

She can’t tell exactly what or why …

But she wanted in …

But that is another fantasy … who knows whether or not it will ever come true.

Because in real life. The right things, the right time and the right person are totally different than our dreams.