December 11, 2011

Quote of the Day

Most women who date, I would guess, don’t have men throwing themselves at them every night of the week. Sometimes there’s a long stretch during which nobody’s asking us out. So when we see a guy that we feel might be a romantic possibility, it’s even harder for us to take a backseat. That opportunity might not come back again for a long time.
But guess what: My way? Has sucked. Hasn’t worked at all. I’ve never had a successful relationship with a guy that I’ve pursued. I’m sure there are many stories out there to the contrary. But for me, those guys end up getting back together with their ex-girlfriend, needing to take some time for themselves, or going out of town for business.
Usually it doesn’t even get that far.

And there is something great about knowing that my only job is to be as happy as I can be about my life, and feel as good as I can about myself, and to lead as full and eventful a life as I can, so that it doesn’t ever feel like I’m just waiting around for some guy to ask me out. And most importantly, it’s good for us all to remember that we don’t need to scheme and plot and beg to get someone to ask us out.
We’re fantastic

The book - He is just not that into you

December 06, 2011

Collective Tweets - On the Middle East's bigger picture

Because I am paying attention to Russian news/ analysis since the Arab Spring mess started. They have expected thier protests since February.

An analyst said that Russia is worried coz they have lots of internal troubles that US will move UN against Russia based on Human rights

So now we get elections & protests in Russia, & US/ EU as expected showing discomfort & in support of those protests!

Those "protests" come after the interesting move of Russia putting their "Iskandar" missiles in front of the NATO missiles shield

Russia is standing firmly beside little lion in Syria ... a quick look at the map. & keeping in mind the Russian money invested in Europe ..

Russia is fighting a new war ... the end of the eastern bloc didn't put an end to "Russia". So it is a make it, or break it kind of thing

The world is going nationalistic. The USA as an empire with the "globalization" system should be coming to an end. But ... I can't tell

Europe was the field of operations once, then it moved to far east Asia. It is middle east now. Or so I believe.

It was the 1st Afghan war that put an end to "USSR", the very successful secret war by the US. The question is, r we going to see another 1?

& for the record, probably Russia & China will play as one team in that game. Or this will be the end of their potential to grow

& for the record, Russia has their 6 April franchise too. The same Serbian trained orgs :) check wiki for details. They like to brag :)

I would like to give you the heads up on why the Islamists card didn't help Mubarak, Qaddafi, Assad in proving their points to the west

Islamists are welcomed to rule for many obvious reasons. That won't include any conspiracies.

1st, the bigger part in the Israeli/ Palestinian problem is that Israel is based on "Religion" as an ethnicity. Duh!

So to build common grounds between Israel & neighbors, it is logical if those neighbors are built on religion as an ethnicity too ... DUH!

You get Southern Sudan as a "christian" country, Northern Sudan being sold as "islamic". Then Libya, Tunisia, Egypt & Morocco

The triangle of power in the middle east is turning into a religions camps rather than strategical benefits. We have the Sunni/ Shia/ Jews

The rise of Salafies, that Mrs US ambassador to Egypt discussed back in feb. is exactly the anti Shia power in the region

So, when Soliman Brother Muslim-hood said that Mubarak being out of power meant and Islamists rule, he was answer by "Now means Now"

The Islamists are not something the US can fear, but there is a tiny problem. The US once used those Islamists to beat USSR.

It is really complicated in the middle east ... way too complicated to be put in 140 chrs & be fine about it. Just fasten ur seat belts

December 04, 2011

On the things that can’t be said

There was that moment, I was lying on the floor unable to move, unable to think, unable to do anything but weeping. I wanted the whole world to freeze. I wanted to spend the rest of whatever I have in life there on the floor crying my heart out. Then it occurred to me, that my family will be back and they won’t like that scene. They will get shocked and they will ask me “what’s wrong with you”.

The idea that someone might ask me “what’s wrong with you” and care to wait for an answer past the “nothing wrong” answer was the only reason I got off that floor & stopped crying.

All what I know that as much as it feels right to just surrender to the feeling it is too dreadful to have to explain it to anyone.

What am I supposed to say?

What am I supposed to say?

December 03, 2011

Re-posting - Wrong Catches

Because names change, but the story is always the same ....

May be it is the birthday blues or just I have become addicted to mood swings.
A psychiatric friend once summed what she called my case as a commitment phobic behavior. She explained my tendency to choose the wrong men by a deep fear of commitment. She said that I unconsciously choose the relations that I know will never work. I choose the men I know will never commit and therefore I deliberately decide my heart breaks before even getting into a relation.
My sister on the other hand claims that I always choose losers. She is convinced that I am a sort of a magnet that attracts a certain type of men. This type of men is generally characterized by being involved in something/ someone else. A typical scenario will be me choosing a playboy over a decent guy, a committed guy over a single one or any man who will have something/ someone else filling up his life.
When Brad asked me for the date I couldn’t believe myself and I went telling her. She looked at me in disgust and said “so is he married or engaged” so I replied in depression “neither, nor. He is single”. She said in astonishment “strange!! So where is the catch?” and when I told her about my agreement with Brad she wore a knowing smile, the smile of someone who just figured out the solution to a kid’s puzzle.
I don’t really know if I am a magnet that attracts men who will never commit or I am really commitment phobic person or may be I am punishing myself for something that I can’t remember.
What I can remember is that I have started with a set of great expectations; I started by dreaming of the perfect relation, a perfect man who is smart, handsome, successful and ambitious, A man who has the manners of a knight and the mentality of a philosopher.
Then I introduced the term compromise to my dictionary. I compromised the looks with the first man; a friend at that time convinced me that looks aren’t everything and what really counts in the personality. Then I introduced compromise to the personality department, as I believe no one is perfect. I compromised my long list of needs to have my fairy tale, to have prince charming and the happy ever after life. But prince charming had a witch mother and unlike fairy tales the witch won the war not the dreaming princess.
I started by giving away the prince charming in my fairy tale then I moved on to give away the happy ever after part. I got marriage off my list of goals. I gave away the little girl’s dream of being a princess for one night. I learnt that there is no happy ever after life, I knew that the word end means a new start, I discovered that if Romeo and Juliet were to get married they would have ended divorced or at least regretting the day they met.
I gave away the dream and started living the reality. I took marriage off my list of goals; I adopted a no need for men attitude. I wore a sign reading I am single and I am happy.
I killed the little girl and kept the woman. I kept the woman who understands the need for a man to have his space, his life and to have non-obligating company.

May be the real problem isn’t my fear of commitment and not even my phobia of change. But may be the real phobia is my phobia of being loved, my fear of belonging to someone. I have never belonged to anyone, none of them dared rising his flag on my territory, all what they asked for was a permission to access my land as visitors, and no one wanted to stay. No one cared to take a deeper look than the tourist eyes. They came, they enjoyed and the left without a goodbye. I was never theirs as they were never mine.

I don’t regret burying the dreams along with the feelings. I don’t mourn the little girl with her princess’s fairy tales. I need no man to complete me. I am happy being the queen of my own tale. I am the ruler of my own free land. I belong to no one but myself.

There weren’t catches to be right or wrong.

November 13, 2011

At Arm’s Length

Many years ago I had Brad on phone and Mohamed (the ex) called. I chose not to take that call and finish my call with Brad. Before that day Mohamed always had priority. Only family came before him. But that day I decided that Brad is more important.

I called him later and we had a fight over Brad. It wasn’t the first time. He fought about Brad since he knew about his presence in my life. He fought about every single male I had in my life. Friends, relatives, colleagues and potential dates. He was jealous. He said he loved me and he can’t see me with someone else. He wanted me to be his while he kept on with his plans to marry his cousin. The last thing he said in that call was when you need me you know how to find me. And we didn’t call ever again. Brad disappeared, then re-appeared and finally disappeared. I have been missing Mohamed ever since that day, needed just to hear his voice many times. But I didn’t call him.

I can tell you a long list of why I didn’t call him. All rational reasons but honestly the only reason I didn’t try to contact him is that I know him enough to know he won’t take me back easily. That he will make sure he punished me enough before taking me back. And again it will be his rules. I will have to be available as a full package and do with whatever he decides to give me. And I couldn’t do this to myself. I just couldn’t take the idea of being blamed for trying to do the same thing he did to me. I couldn’t take the idea that he has the right to have a wife while I am the one who has to compromise to be with the man she loves. If he loved me too he should have compromised for me. I felt I deserved that much. I felt I deserved to be the woman he introduces to everyone. Not the one with no right to call unless no one is around.

It took me years to get with Mohamed to that point. It took me years to be unable to play with his rules. Brad actually helped. He was the voice that told me how magnificent I was. I felt good and capable of breaking the link with Mohamed. It wasn’t as painful. I was angry. I was deeply angry and heartbroken and I had that nice guy telling me all the nice things. So I hung up the phone and I never called him back.
I didn’t try to hunt Brad when he disappeared for the 2nd time. I don’t know if I ever loved Brad. I once told a friend that I loved him. But I am not sure. I am passing through a phase of being unable of deciding why I did certain things. I am not sure. And I can’t tell whether the things I have done were right or wrong and consequently I can’t tell now whether the things I am doing are right or wrong.

Then there was that guy. I can tell I loved him. And I played it cool. I waited and I waited. I gave all the hints. I made all the signs. Everyone noticed but him. I had two choices to walk away or to stay and wait for a little more. One night I wrote him a message “I love you” but instead of sending it I saved it to drafts. I wasn’t ready to deal with the aftermath so I waited.

 I waited till an incident happened and I got crazy. And to cut a long story short. I lost the guy. He is with someone else now. And I can’t walk away. He never knew I loved him. At least I never told him directly I did. I wasn’t ready to deal with the aftermath. So, I preferred to play with his rules. To be kept at his arm’s length. I preferred that he gets to enjoy the full package and I settle for whatever he has to offer. 

I wasn’t ready to lose him. I wasn’t ready to call him and say I love you I don’t want you to be with other women. I wasn’t ready to lose him. I am still not ready to lose him. I can’t live without him. I have tried to replace him with everything but nothing fits. A friend once told me that my love for the guy is more a companionship. Another friend told me that it is logical that I don’t like any of the men people try to set me up with because I already found the perfect company, that’s him.

 Maybe they are right. I told you before I am going through the “can’t tell” phase. So maybe it was just the joy of companionship. Maybe it is that he is the type of company I wanted for the journey I settled and didn’t check other options. Maybe the love was for the company not the person, I can’t really tell.

But what I can tell right now is that I am doing something that I would have told anyone is wrong to be done. I am comparing that guy with someone else unintentionally sometimes and intentionally in other times. I am taking decisions with the new guy based on how the reactions with that guy were. I know them better than thinking they both will give the same reactions. I am aware that I have been mixing and probably punishing each of them for the other’s mistakes. I know that I pulled away my hand once and didn’t touch one of them because the other hates to be touched. I know how different they are. 

But I know one thing. Both will never take the step to meet me half way. Or maybe I am wrong. I can’t tell. Maybe only one of them wasn’t able to do this. And that I should stop comparing because maybe the other one will meet me half way. Because I was able to tell that one that I love him and that I want a relationship not just whatever we have. Maybe, he will get past his many reasons (that I am sure all valid and rational) that make it more convenient for him to keep me at arm’s length. Maybe he will come around.

And if he didn’t … I don’t know but it is just unfair to be kept at arm’s length. But what if this is as good as it gets? The worse is what if they keep you at arm’s length because they know that this is as good as it gets. That you have never done better. That it is a long history of being kept at arm’s length. And it is ok to do so to you.

What if the idea of missing you is better than the idea of being with you? Isn’t it all about that? You stick to a person because you can’t lose them?

What if this is as good as it gets? The best you can have is to be at arm’s length from the person you love and want for life. Arm’s length is near enough but yet too far from where you want to be. Will you settle for the best you can have or try to find the best you think you deserve even if you can’t tell whether or not you deserve better than the best you have already earned?

Am I making any sense?

November 09, 2011

Where are we now?

There is a joke about a man who was asked about the secret of the success of his marriage. He replied that he made a deal with his wife. That major decisions are his job & she gets to do all the minor decisions and that was the last decision he made.

The joke might not be funny. It is sort of funny but I think it holds more philosophy than it was intended to do. Or maybe it is just my mood that makes me see philosophy in such a shallow joke.
What constitutes a major decision? We were all introduced to the “starbucks” decisions in the legendary movie “You have got mail”. It is a series of insignificant decisions that lead to a cup of coffee. A process that makes you feel accomplished but yet not life changing (threatening) in anyway.

So, if the type of coffee you drink to start your day isn’t a major decision what could a major decision be?
Education is a life changing decision which makes it “major”, so is career, marriage, having kids or finding a new place to live. Break ups & investments too. The first that comes to your mind when you think of a major decision is probably a crossroads where you have to decide a turn that will decide your destination. Minor decisions are supposed to be the ones we take down the chosen road just to get over obstacles to get to the destination.

Life changing crossroads is supposed to be clear. You are probably confused while deciding, else you wouldn’t have known that you are at a crossroads. Or even you wouldn’t have felt how “major” the decision is.

Between you & me I think “major” decisions are over rated. It is easy to take a major decision regardless how hard it seem to be. After all & out of being confused a person will do what they will over think all the options, will ask for opinions & will eventually take a calculated step into risk. Crossroads decision might feel hard but they are the clearest decisions you can make. You pick a road, that simple. You decide a destination that you know you want, regardless that knowing what you “really” want is a challenge & a major decision in itself.

You know what do I believe are “major” decisions? It is the decisions we take on the go. The ones we don’t think about. The ones that we think are taken to serve “major” decisions already made in previous crossroads.

Those “minor” decisions are taken without taking risk into account, like when you go order sushi & end up in ER. Your lunch of choice would lead to putting an end to your story. And such minor decision would consequently lead to more minor decisions that could be “Life changing”  in so many ways.
Every step of the way is a crossroads. Every step could change our lives. Even the steps we take thinking will lead to the destination we set at the beginning of the journey might turn to be taking us to somewhere we never knew existed.

Every step of the way is a life changing decision. Even your morning coffee. 

October 31, 2011

On Egypt - Observations on a Revolution

This is an email that I sent to Sameh about some of the things I observed in Egypt recently. 
I have been avoiding commentary on the current scene in Egypt on purpose. I don't want to be part of the ongoing "talk" war on the cyber space & I am honestly avoiding inquisition. People these days are attacking one another on assumptions & life is too precious to be wasted on such side wars.

Anyway, I felt that this email should be shared with bigger audience. 

Oct. 7, 2011

It is 3am. And it is another sleepless night. You think spending the day in the streets will make me tired enough to sleep. Well, I am tired. Even my legs hurt. Most of the muscles hurt :) I walked a lot today. I enjoyed it. And enjoyed the division of the egyptian street over politics.

I am not really sure if I enjoyed it. Or I just enjoyed that I am seeing one of the things I said will happen.

Actually seeing the things I said will happen doesn't make me happy. People acknowledging how right I was makes me happy. Though people don't do this too often. They usually pick on the wrongs you do. But in rare occasions it happens and someone say, you were right, I was wrong. And this is my happiest moments.

I am not always right. Actually most of the time I am always wrong :) honestly I don't believe I am always wrong but it is always good to learn to admit it. To be able to admit that u can be wrong, you are wrong and it is ok coz you have to be wrong so u can learn how to be right.

so, first a man almost beat a woman in the street because she was distributing flyers to a demo in Mostafa Mahmoud.
he called her every name in the book and added NDPian to the list of insults.

People at first watched, then slightly started to take sides. I took the side of walking away. Ghada wanted to stand and defend the girl but I insisted we have no business in that fight. So she showed support by taking one of the flyers.

The people, the passersby, few took the same side I took. Looked at the situation as if it is from outer space. It isn't our business. It is just smth to watch. Few surrounded the guy so he won't beat the girl and few surrounded the girl to protect her. And it was when she screamed thawret eh elly el wa7ed mesh 3aref ye2ool fiha ra2yoh, people started to take her side. She gained audience. And she wanted to call the police and people started to calm her down.

I left when she was talking to a bigger crowd than she had at first. Which makes me wonder how much this guy served her goal. She got insulted, yes. But she delivered her message to audience that she wasn't going to reach and got their attention in abnormal circumstances. By far, she won that battle.
I wonder who else might be winning similar battles only by giving his enemy the chance to carry an offense on him.

I like listening to what people say in the streets. I can tell that they are talking more politics. It isn't that the Egyptians never talked politics before. C'mon whoever says talking politics is new to Egyptians is simply not Egyptian or doesn't live in Egypt.

We always talked politics, but politics was easy. It was flat. One dimensional type of politics. It was Mubarak, and Abu taweela's government sins.
El 3iesh wel 3eesha welly 3aysheinha were pretty much the topics u hear in the streets. Now you hear them talk about israel, how the air show is advanced and the type of training those pilots get ( which was a talk bien baya3een el tora7 and kolha ta2leef) but the point is, it got their attention and they are impressed.

Also a shop was playing tantawi's speech, the one he said there were no orders to kill protesters. I was so curious to ask the guy why he was playing it. But didn't want to get dragged into such conversations. But they weren't laughing and they weren't cursing. They were paying complete attention. And no one in the shop was upset.

I don't really know how should I feel about this. Since the jan25 I think I have been going through the 5 stages of grief.

I don't know what I am exactly grieving. But I think I am grieving this. The deep break in Egypt. I am grieving that right now people call their hate love and destruction revolution. I hate how deep the division is. And I hate the unlimited bad scenarios that we can have at any moment.

We are still running the risk of having a civil war. It seems distant. It seems infeasible. But we are still running that risk. Not like Libya. The Libyan scenario isn't on the table anymore. Which reminds me to mention that I can't believe some thawrgya are now saying ya rietna kona Libya. I don't know what type of minds do they have. Libya is screwed. They don't have a country. And the interim council is god knows whose. It is a disaster on our western borders and we have people wishing we were Libya. So they can control the God damn tv.

We are running the risk of a Syrian scenario. Unless there is a huge Brutus in the army. Then we will get to experience the Libyan scenario, which was initially intended to us.

Oct. 19, 2011

Lots of things happened since the night I started writing this. It is funny that the last part I wrote was about civil war. And I am writing this almost a week after the Maspiro battle.

You know, this so called revolution course was determined in small battles. I don't know if anyone was paying attention. It is just like war and those little battles reflects how Egypt changed over the last 9 months. Yet, I personally can't predict which of the available scenarios is more likely to happen.

Let me tell you about those battles.

The 1st battle, the one that started the war was the qasr el Nile bridge battle in the jan28th. The people versus the police. The fire from that battle spread across Cairo and other cities. It was a major trauma for the nation. A trauma that will be a determinant factor in other battles too.
The qasr el Nile bridge battle changed this generation forever.

The 2nd battle will be the Camel battle. The Emad Adeeb choice of name for that battle was genius on so many levels. But that was the battle that sent Mubarak to a hospital bed. It was the one victory that turned the results of the war. But again not necessarily in the favor of the cause.

The 3rd battle will be the April 9 battle. Though it was preceded with the march 9 battle. But I think both should be named the battle of the museum.
The battle of the museum showed change in the wind but no one paid attention. It was the 1st introduction of what I call a lebanses political tactic. When one of the parties involved do something that shakes the scene and then shows public regret on what seems to be wrong. A tactic to يكرس the action not to withdraw it.

Then there was the Ministry of interior battle in jun28. I call it the balloon theatre battle. That marked the come back of the police to tahrir. And a public sympathy against thugs and chaos.

Then comes the battle that proved no one was paying attention since the battle of the museum or simply no one cared to analyze the results of this battle. It was the battle of Abbasya in July 23. That battle showed not only a change in the public support for the revolutionary group but also the change in tactics from the government. It was a well planned battle. To get out from such battle with only one dead it was huge. But probably the theatre of operations helped in minimizing the loss in humans.

This battle was followed by a minor water testing that I call a7dath el sanyah. Which simply revolves around revolutionaries bing beaten in tahrir, 1st of ramadan and losing power over the symbolic center of power to them. Sanyet midan el tarrier.

The next on the list will be the embassy battle. That battle took time to cook since April 8. The final act of it was too dramatic it killed the last traces of support in the watching population. It was another mess, that led to a bigger mess where the revolutionaries lost more grounds.

The final is the Maspiro battle. That one too had been cooking for a while since the 1st Maspiro clashes. Where the army interfered in favor of christians against unknown thugs.
This time, it was a trap for all parties involved. Having it aired on national
Tv didn't leave a room for anyone to live in denial. It was Egyptians killing each others and burning Egypt down. The tweets about the qatl 3ala el haweyyah style in tahrir was horrific too.
I still didn't form an opinion about how this battle changed the scene. But it is enough to watch all thawrgya fighting each other over parliament seats to tell that this battle too didn't serve whoever was trying to stage another jan28.

The problem with trying to re-stage a jan28 is that you can't repeat history on demand. The wind changed since that day. And a look at the results of all the battles before the battle of Maspiro proves that staging a jan28 is hard now. I am not saying impossible. But it is just too hard, in my opinion.

Which bring us back to the risk of civil war, but not like syrians more of bahrainis style.

I am sleepy. I think I should send this anyway and write the rest and the economic part later.

Again & Again & Again & Again

Dear X

So the thing is, I loved you. I loved you for years, silently. Everyone noticed except you. I had to give sign after sign, hint after hint. Everyone noticed but you. Till I got to the point where I doubted if you knew but the game was too good for you to ruin.

I will never know whether or not you were one of those who noticed. I will never know whether or not you missed seeing the passion everyone else saw. I will never know if you ever knew that it was the thought of you that lightened up my smile in all those pictures.

And because I will never know, he had to know I love him. He had to know that the privileges he enjoys aren't the regular package for friendship. He needed to know that I want more. I needed to know how off the idea will be for him. Because I know the idea was so off for you.

Dear X

The thing is I loved you. I loved you deeply that years had passed and I can't tell whether or not I am over you. I loved you and now I can't trust my judgements and I have to re-examine every step I ever took in my life. And even then I won't be able to tell if I was ever right. Or what would have happened if I looked you in the eyes and told you "I love you". "I want you to be mine". " I don't want to be reminded that there are other women in you life". " I want you to pick me, to choose me, to love me"

I can never tell now what would have happened. Back then I was able to tell. I was able to wait till you come around because telling you would have scared you. But you never came. You picked someone else.

I loved you. I trusted you. But you betrayed me.

That's why I need to look him in the eyes and tell him. "I love you. I want you to be mine. I don't want you to be seeing other women. I love you, so much it hurts. So pick me. Choose me. Love me. "

The thing is. I don't know what I should do anymore.

Love, S

October 11, 2011

X & Y ... A much needed conversation

X: I still run to you. After all this time. After all these trials of not to. I still run to you.

It hurts ... Not only because you aren't there any more. But because I know it is wrong. I know I shouldn't be missing you. I shouldn't be thinking of you as my person.

It hurts ... Because I can't tell anymore if you were ever my person.

It hurts ... because for every time I run to you it means all my plan b's had failed and you are still irreplaceable.

I run to you ... I still run to you.

Y: (blank facial expression) ( a pause of deadly silence)

October 07, 2011


There is a point of your life when you know that you are a grown up. It isn’t related to how old you are or how big you look. It is when you know what will people tell you in response to whatever worrying you. People have a box of tricks. All tried and tested. At least they think so. You go to any of them with a problem & they start pulling one trick after the other.

The first most used trick is “I told you so”. I know it feels good to remind people how smart you are. I do it a lot. I try not to do. But I am guilty of using that card. “I told you so” as if I don’t know you didn’t or I didn’t know that what you have said was completely valid yet I chose a different approach that apparently failed.

The second most used card is “are you stupid?” If the person didn’t have the chance to pull the “I have told you so” card then it is more appropriate to enlighten you with a fact that by now you probably know. You are stupid. You have done something totally wrong. And only stupid people get themselves into such trouble.

And at the end, all conclusions will lead to one fact. It is all your fault. As everything is a direct result for your actions. So you take all the blame.

You know you are a grown up when you don’t need to go to people to remind you that it was all your fault. You know you are a grown up when you fail to sympathize with your own mistakes. You take it like a grown up. And when you make the mistake of telling someone about any of your problems you won’t be surprised when they remind you that it is all your fault. You will take it like a grown up. Because again telling someone about your problems, is your fault.

So after making sure you are aware that it was all your fault, the kind nature of people will push them to give you advices to lead a better life & not do the mistakes you have done again.

They will always suggest a hobby, so you can get exposure because you will never have enough. If you are having too much exposure they will suggest a few days off your busy life. Career changes, vacations, new hair colors … the box is always full of tricks. All tried and tested.

You know you are a grown up when you have tried every trick in the box. You are a grown up when you know that all tricks in the box won’t solve your problem. Sometimes it works as a diversion & sometimes it doesn’t. You know you are a grown up when you smile when people go all wise on you. You know you are a grown up when you stop arguing & defending your right to think outside the box.

You know you are a grown up when you stop feeling disappointed. After all only a stupid will get disappointed when people do what they usually do. And it is all your fault expecting them to put an effort in caring. Because someone have told you that people care the way they want to care not the way you need them to do.

Plus clichés are called clichés because they have always worked … maybe if you just give it another try. You never tried enough. You need to find a new hobby or maybe a change of scenery. Cut off the emotionally draining people & don’t get attached. It is all your fault for being where you are now because you are too stupid and you never listened. I have told you so!

You are a grown up if you can relate …

If you can’t … it is all your fault.

September 05, 2011

Drafts, Page 1

I did the right thing. I chose what seemed the right thing at the right moment of time. But the outcome of all these rights is just wrong.

I did the right thing ... But the right thing was wrong.

May 10, 2011

Collective Tweets – For the Islamo-Phobic Muslims

  • Ok there is another stupid poll circulating on FB asking whether u r a Muslim, a Salafi, an Azhari or an MB. Here is the diff for dummies
  • So my dear fellow Egyptian who thinks the Salafis are a religion by their own, Surprise, Surprise. Salafis are Muslims too
  • عزيزى المواطن ، الإخوان و السلفية و الأزهرية ليست أديان لتقارن بالإسلام
  • عزيزى المواطن الإخوان المسلمون هى فى الأساس جمعية دعوية و إمتد نشاطها الدعوى للنشاط الإجتماعى و السياسى - يعنى مش دين جديد
  • عزيزى المواطن مافيش حاجة إسمها المذهب السلفى ، لإن كل المذاهب من السلف - الإسلام مش دين مبتدع و البدع فيه مكروهه كراهية التحريم
  • عزيزى المواطن كل المسلمين سلفيين و لكن ليس كل المسلمين متشددين فى إتباعهم للسلف من حيث العادات
  • عزيزى المواطن حتى التشدد فى إتباع السلف فى العادات اليومية بيخل المسلم شكله قديم و لكن برضوه مش بيعض
  • عزيزى المواطن فى الأزهر الجامعة تدرس المذاهب الإسلامية المختلفة
  • عزيزى المواطن وسطية الأزهر مش بدعة و لكن لإن مصر من قدم الدهر لم تتبع المذهب الحنبلى على عكس المملكة السعودية التى بنيت أركانها عليه
  • عزيزى المواطن المملكة السعودية دولة حديثة العهد ، عكس مصر و كانت من قبل دويلات و قبائل وحدها أل سعود مع الفقيه محمد بن عبد الوهاب
  • عزيزى المواطن الوهابيين بنوا مذهبهم على مذهب إبن تيمية اللى هو فى الأساس مبنى على مذهب الإمام أحمد بن حنبل
  • عزيزى المواطن المذاهب إختلفت لعدة أسباب منها إختلاف البيئة ، يعنى عادى إن اللى يمشى فى مصر مكروه فى مكان تانى لإختلاف الظروف
  • عزيزى المواطن الله يرضى عليك لو مش عارف الفروق السابقة و هى بديهيات و مش معلومات جديدة ، الله يرضى عليك إسكت لحد ما تتعلم مش عيب إنك تتعلم
  • عزيزى المواطن المسلم الله يرضى عليك دينك مش تهمة و مش سبة و حتى و إن كان فيه قلة متشددة و قلة ضالة و قلة متطرفة ، إمسك على دينك
  • عزيزى المواطن إنت لا ترضى بدينك البشر بل الله سبحانه - فلا تستحى من الحق و لا تخشى فى الله لومة لائم و لا تبيع الله ثمن بخس

April 23, 2011

Back to the matters of the heart

I even stopped writing in my head ...

I am that angry ... I am that upset ...

April 21, 2011

April 13, 2011

Collective Tweets – Egypt/ Palestine

Dear people complaining that Egypt never did anything for the Palestinian cause, I am not going to remind you of the Egyptian blood shed for it but with something else

There was once a terrorist wanted by lots of countries in the world, his name was Arafat. Egypt turned him into a president eligible to sit to negotiation tables.

Egypt brokered the deal that gave Arafat Gaza, that Hamas now rules. Without Egypt there wasn't going to be a Gaza to fight for in 1st place.

Thank you, you are always welcomed. We, in Egypt, have done what we felt is our duty to help our brothers & sisters. We are so sorry that other Arabs are only helping by words. We are so sorry that these words are just to attack the best we had to give to this cause.

March 21, 2011

Collective Tweets – Referendum’s Religion War

Hello World!

It’s been a while. I really miss blogging but this time I am not going to blame facebook for distraction I am going to blame twitter.

It is easy and I don’t comply with the formality of writing.

I am lazy which isn’t news and because my followers asked my repeatedly to gather tweets about the same subject in one place so they can follow the idea without getting lost in the time line. Here I am starting a sequence of posts with collective tweets.

  • - I find the video of the father in the church asking his followers to vote no to save Egypt from an Islamic state alarming for many reasons
  • - The referendum poll wasn't about religion, because surprise surprise, a yes & a no lead to re-writing the constitution.
  • - And here is a fact check; Islam isn't about MB or the Salafis. And surprise, surprise Egypt has majority of Muslims
  • - So regardless the thoughts the Islamic identity of the majority of the Egyptians will be reflected on the constitution.
  • - But reflecting the identity of the majority doesn't ever mean not preserving the "minority" identity too.
  • - So make anything a religion war and you lose. In Egypt, people who never pray will happily kill in the name of their religion.
  • - Dear Egyptians turning everything into a religion war, I can hear Lord Wingate laughing in his grave saying "I told you they will fight"


February 16, 2011

It is all personal after all

In case you have been stranded on a deserted island on the last two weeks I would like to inform you that we are having a revolution in Egypt. A revolution that even those who called for it never believed it will work. It worked, the revolution managed to outcast the Egyptian president. And Egypt, the country I have always known will never be the same.

Let’s first agree on one thing. I was never high on revolutions the same way wars never thrill me. The idea of people dying is terrifying for me and I believe should be avoided at any cost. I don’t mind if I died, I mind if someone else had to die for me to live. I can’t live with the guilt. It is that simple, I am a person who takes risks but never put others at risk.

If you recall my La Revolution en Rouge I voiced my worries of where my beloved country is heading. I was worried of the level of tension I was feeling everywhere and how it could explode for the silliest reasons, even just a football match.

The revolution happened. And I am still not high on revolutions. I know that right now I will instantly be labeled as a traitor by many. My friends are already looking at me suspiciously because, honestly, it is even too hard for me to grasp right now how I can be pro reform yet not high and excited about the revolution.

It really puzzles me. And for the 1st time I am here facing my own complexities 1st hand. For the 1st time I get to handle my pragmatism against my romanticism. The concept of revolution is in core a romantic concept. Knocking down the walls of the possible to get to the promising unknown is such an overwhelming inspirational idea.

Challenging all what’s known for the good of the unknown. To fight for the right you believe in till you either die or win. This is what revolutions are all about and this is what my life was really all about or at least so I believed. I don’t give in to things that I don’t believe in. I do what I believe is right regardless how wrong others think it is. I have a long record of risk. I didn’t change, I agreed on the goal. I never denied how bad things are, I was even mocked by many for still believing in the country. I wrote this in the time no one really saw me standing on a solid ground.

Then it was Tunisia and I started getting really worried because for the 1st time I knew that exploding is near. I smelled it and I wasn’t excited, on the contrary and for my personal surprise for the 1st time in my whole life I wish I had a microphone to go in the streets of Egypt and beg people not to go in these demos. I wanted to go in the streets of Egypt and tell the Egyptian government to step down and start seeing how the levels of tension really are.

One more time I was helpless. It is ok to be helpless on the personal level. But I felt personally responsible for everything that will happen to this country.

I felt responsible and I still feel responsible and I am frozen by the responsibility.

I know it is crazy to feel responsible for a whole country in the time I am just an insignificant individual with a very faint voice. But this is how I feel; this is how I have been feeling since I said my very 1st prayer for Tunisians. I feel responsible for everyone and everything in Egypt and I feel helpless because I can’t do anything about it.

A day before the jan25 protests started I commented on something a friend shared on facebook that I am a control freak. I can’t be excited about these protests for they are not under my control and no one can tell the results. And as the days went on I was proven right about lots of things. And I keep saying that we are just getting started. Right now, we have a military junta ruling the country, no constitution, the people say they gained their dignity back but they have done this on the expense of the state. Right now, the biggest threat on the Egyptian national security is the Egyptian streets and the army is everywhere.

Sure people will laugh if I said that this is chaotic and will say that it is ok and things are going smooth but then I will have to differ and say that right now there is no state in Egypt which makes all scenarios possible. No one could tell if things are going to stabilize or just set on fire again. No one could ever tell, because right now a 7000 yrs old country is on her knees. And I feel personally responsible for this.

And I can't solve this. I can't undo those people who died. I can't undo the lots of things that happened and added up to lead to the overwhelming surprise of people taking over Tahrir (liberation) square. I can't guarantee that all the bad scenarios running in my head won't end up true. And this is torturing me.

My 7000 years old love is on her knees and somehow this is all my fault.

January 25, 2011

But ... He is just not that into you!

I am reading "He is just not that into you". And the book is hilarious but painful because the joke though so funny but it is on me. I have been sharing quotes and I will be sharing more quotes. But there is a certain quote that I’d rather share again here along the comment I got from one of my friends. Then I have a little comment on that comment. This could be added to what I have written here before.

The quote was:

I don’t want to ruin the friendship” excuse is a racket. It works so well because it seems so wise. Sex could mess up a friendship. Unfortunately, in the entire history of mankind, that excuse has never ever been used by someone who actually means it. If we’re really excited about someone, we can’t stop ourselves—we want more. If we’re friends with someone and attracted to them, we’re going to want to take it further. And please, don’t tell me he’s just “scared.” The only thing he’s scared of—and I say this with a lot of love—is how not attracted to you he is!

– He is just not that into you

My friend commented:

Stop reading this boookkkk :) :)

Well women should really see the positive side.

1) The guy lied to her to not make her feel bad so he cares

2) God saved her from getting into a forced relation

3) She got to keep the guy around and hunt for another one.

And because I am still under the influence of the book and the idea that led me to write the inevitable post I can’t see anything positive in that.

1- Because when the guy uses the “I don’t want to ruin the friendship” card he cares but not really about the girl. He cares more about his loss of her company. Guys get lonely too, and girl friends are good cushion till they find the girl of their dreams. Girl friends are as good as girlfriends but with no sex unless off course the guy managed to talk her into friends with benefits. And this is a completely different story. The point is, he cares but not only for the girl. He cares for himself more.

2- There is nothing like a forced relationship. Off course the friend who would care too much about the feelings of his poor girl friend might give in to her pressure. Which is rare, no man would give in to pressure to be in a relationship but let’s play along. Let’s assume he will be drunk, sedated or desperate and will give her a chance. He is still won’t be into her and he will still get out of that relationship. It won’t happen until he wants it.

3- Getting to keep the guy around isn’t really a positive thing. It is emotionally draining. It could work for a man, because that’s what men do. But it won’t work for a girl because she won’t be able to hunt for a new guy as long as she wants that guy. Her hunt is over. Unlike men who keep hunting for preys by instinct whether or not they are in a relationship.

The thing that most men forget is that women take time to decide. Unlike men who decide from the 1st 10 minutes in a date whether or not they want a relationship with that person. It takes women a while to decide. Unless the guy is so off, a woman needs a couple of dates to decide and even after that she will keep asking around her girl friends whether or not the guy ticked enough items on the good guy list. It will take a woman a significant amount of time to know that it is ok to be with a certain guy. It takes a woman, with history, a significant amount of time to take down the guards and trust.

That’s why the whole falling for friends thing. Because the woman has enough time to test, re-test and see things with the guy. They probably have lots in common that’s why they became friends in the 1st place. Unlike the guys women usually fall for who are completely appalling. And friends are safe to be around, that sense of safety contributes to the falling to the friend syndrome.

But then comes the challenge, should a woman stick to the friend after he plays the relationship would ruin our friendship card or should she simply cut him off.

This is the real question that most women face at a certain moment of their life. Should she play along and see the positive side my friend listed in his comment or should she walk away. Because the truth is, she lost the friend anyway.

Didn’t I tell you before, it is Inevitable!

January 18, 2011


So each of us is like a magician, with a bag of tricks. You meet a person and you start pulling one trick after the other, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But once in a while you meet one person and all your tricks fail.
And you are left with the question will your tricks ever work on anyone again.

Once in a while you meet the one person who shakes your belief in your own magic. And you find yourself holding back from doing the one thing you know how to do because you are not sure it will ever work again.

January 04, 2011

Just a thought

I have been failed a lot by many people in my life.

Some intentionally failed me, and some didn't really mean it.

I wonder who I might be failing now ...