January 18, 2011


So each of us is like a magician, with a bag of tricks. You meet a person and you start pulling one trick after the other, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But once in a while you meet one person and all your tricks fail.
And you are left with the question will your tricks ever work on anyone again.

Once in a while you meet the one person who shakes your belief in your own magic. And you find yourself holding back from doing the one thing you know how to do because you are not sure it will ever work again.


Nouna said...

Hi hun,

I am not sure what the issue is. but I understand the pain; you see we are all in the same boat..
I guess the best thing to do here is to believe eno when it's over, it's over.. and just stop thinking about the same person, every time he comes into your mind just say fast and out loud "Stop"!.. It helps me sometimes.. now, I am sure that I wont do any farther step, because khalas, I am tired of trying.. but to be very frank, I have to admit that part of me keeps hoping he will make the first move :)

Take away the power from your thoughts dear.. and take care of yourself.. you deserve the best of everything..

Ze2red said...

I stopped believing in my magical abilities. Yet, i still play them every now and then and i cross my fingers hoping for them to work.

what is it with us, low self esteem and confidence to start with?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Nouna :)

Well, the problem isn't thats something is over. The problem is that I can't do it again.
The real problem is I can't do things, lots of things, anymore.

It isn't about trying a new trick on the same person. It is about trying things with a new person and not being able to do.

Because well apparently my tricks are so outdated :) and I need to work on them.

I hope your someone makes the 1st move, and I hope you have better tricks to get his attention. And if you didn't I hope you never run out of tricks and never ever feel that you can't try anymore.

I really love you sweetie <3

you deserve the best things in life. You are beautiful inside out

A rare gem.

Shimaa Gamal said...


masma3sh kelmet low self esteem di abadan :) let's call it mar7ala to rediscover the hidden potential :)))

Nouna said...

Totally likewise Shaya, I love you too.. actually you are an interesting friend of mine :)

I get your point, and I guess it is a matter of time mesh aktar.. all what I can say here is that the beginning is always today.. May you continue to enjoy each day of your life with the right person who can value you.. O in-sha2-Allah the love you have shown to others will return to you multiplied, I am sure :D

as for me, al7amdulellah, many things have changed over the year and I am much better now.. maybe not good yet, but much much better, al7amdulellah :)xx

Ze2red said...

mashy mowaf2a, i'm rediscovering ahoh :D