October 07, 2011


There is a point of your life when you know that you are a grown up. It isn’t related to how old you are or how big you look. It is when you know what will people tell you in response to whatever worrying you. People have a box of tricks. All tried and tested. At least they think so. You go to any of them with a problem & they start pulling one trick after the other.

The first most used trick is “I told you so”. I know it feels good to remind people how smart you are. I do it a lot. I try not to do. But I am guilty of using that card. “I told you so” as if I don’t know you didn’t or I didn’t know that what you have said was completely valid yet I chose a different approach that apparently failed.

The second most used card is “are you stupid?” If the person didn’t have the chance to pull the “I have told you so” card then it is more appropriate to enlighten you with a fact that by now you probably know. You are stupid. You have done something totally wrong. And only stupid people get themselves into such trouble.

And at the end, all conclusions will lead to one fact. It is all your fault. As everything is a direct result for your actions. So you take all the blame.

You know you are a grown up when you don’t need to go to people to remind you that it was all your fault. You know you are a grown up when you fail to sympathize with your own mistakes. You take it like a grown up. And when you make the mistake of telling someone about any of your problems you won’t be surprised when they remind you that it is all your fault. You will take it like a grown up. Because again telling someone about your problems, is your fault.

So after making sure you are aware that it was all your fault, the kind nature of people will push them to give you advices to lead a better life & not do the mistakes you have done again.

They will always suggest a hobby, so you can get exposure because you will never have enough. If you are having too much exposure they will suggest a few days off your busy life. Career changes, vacations, new hair colors … the box is always full of tricks. All tried and tested.

You know you are a grown up when you have tried every trick in the box. You are a grown up when you know that all tricks in the box won’t solve your problem. Sometimes it works as a diversion & sometimes it doesn’t. You know you are a grown up when you smile when people go all wise on you. You know you are a grown up when you stop arguing & defending your right to think outside the box.

You know you are a grown up when you stop feeling disappointed. After all only a stupid will get disappointed when people do what they usually do. And it is all your fault expecting them to put an effort in caring. Because someone have told you that people care the way they want to care not the way you need them to do.

Plus clichés are called clichés because they have always worked … maybe if you just give it another try. You never tried enough. You need to find a new hobby or maybe a change of scenery. Cut off the emotionally draining people & don’t get attached. It is all your fault for being where you are now because you are too stupid and you never listened. I have told you so!

You are a grown up if you can relate …

If you can’t … it is all your fault.

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