October 11, 2011

X & Y ... A much needed conversation

X: I still run to you. After all this time. After all these trials of not to. I still run to you.

It hurts ... Not only because you aren't there any more. But because I know it is wrong. I know I shouldn't be missing you. I shouldn't be thinking of you as my person.

It hurts ... Because I can't tell anymore if you were ever my person.

It hurts ... because for every time I run to you it means all my plan b's had failed and you are still irreplaceable.

I run to you ... I still run to you.

Y: (blank facial expression) ( a pause of deadly silence)


L.G. said...

me 2 3
I found my words written by u.

go on my dear
امبارح تحديدا ههههههههه

Shimaa Gamal said...


كلنا هذا الرجل