December 06, 2011

Collective Tweets - On the Middle East's bigger picture

Because I am paying attention to Russian news/ analysis since the Arab Spring mess started. They have expected thier protests since February.

An analyst said that Russia is worried coz they have lots of internal troubles that US will move UN against Russia based on Human rights

So now we get elections & protests in Russia, & US/ EU as expected showing discomfort & in support of those protests!

Those "protests" come after the interesting move of Russia putting their "Iskandar" missiles in front of the NATO missiles shield

Russia is standing firmly beside little lion in Syria ... a quick look at the map. & keeping in mind the Russian money invested in Europe ..

Russia is fighting a new war ... the end of the eastern bloc didn't put an end to "Russia". So it is a make it, or break it kind of thing

The world is going nationalistic. The USA as an empire with the "globalization" system should be coming to an end. But ... I can't tell

Europe was the field of operations once, then it moved to far east Asia. It is middle east now. Or so I believe.

It was the 1st Afghan war that put an end to "USSR", the very successful secret war by the US. The question is, r we going to see another 1?

& for the record, probably Russia & China will play as one team in that game. Or this will be the end of their potential to grow

& for the record, Russia has their 6 April franchise too. The same Serbian trained orgs :) check wiki for details. They like to brag :)

I would like to give you the heads up on why the Islamists card didn't help Mubarak, Qaddafi, Assad in proving their points to the west

Islamists are welcomed to rule for many obvious reasons. That won't include any conspiracies.

1st, the bigger part in the Israeli/ Palestinian problem is that Israel is based on "Religion" as an ethnicity. Duh!

So to build common grounds between Israel & neighbors, it is logical if those neighbors are built on religion as an ethnicity too ... DUH!

You get Southern Sudan as a "christian" country, Northern Sudan being sold as "islamic". Then Libya, Tunisia, Egypt & Morocco

The triangle of power in the middle east is turning into a religions camps rather than strategical benefits. We have the Sunni/ Shia/ Jews

The rise of Salafies, that Mrs US ambassador to Egypt discussed back in feb. is exactly the anti Shia power in the region

So, when Soliman Brother Muslim-hood said that Mubarak being out of power meant and Islamists rule, he was answer by "Now means Now"

The Islamists are not something the US can fear, but there is a tiny problem. The US once used those Islamists to beat USSR.

It is really complicated in the middle east ... way too complicated to be put in 140 chrs & be fine about it. Just fasten ur seat belts


Cristyna said...

Not related to the post itself, but I wanted to say... I love the new look of your blog. It's way much better than the light blue u used to use before.

Have a nice day! :D

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Cristyna :)

I have been wanting to change the old blue look for ages :) I finally did it :)

I am happy you noticed :) & that you like it

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Shimma, hope you are well,
I sincerely hope this is not your analysis because
1- most of it does not hold water.
2-I always viewed you as particularly smart, however if it is your analogy, you have had enough beautiful writing to be forgiven:)
Best Regards

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello M

well unfortunately, this is my analysis. Why do you think it doesn't hold water?

2nd I hope this analysis doesn't make you change the "smart" thing :) & happy that I will still be forgiven anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
The Arab spring (mess) i would not use those two words in the same sentence.
personally i think 2011 was a great year for Egypt if it was not for Almaglis Al3askary we would have started something good but getting red of the tyrant is a great achievement in itself.
Iskandar missile or not Russia is no match for the west.
Russia new war is with their internal mafia.
1st Afghan war ended russia as we knew it that one is totally correct:)
China co-player is business contractors..!
6 April is not a franchise at least the one in Egypt they are the the heroes of one of Egypt,s great moments. the one who gets help and aid from outside is Maglisna Al3askary.
US will use whatever is good for their interest, hope one day we will do the same.
to be continued I tire quickly from typing:)

Anonymous said...

follow up
2nd I hope this analysis doesn't make you change the "smart" thing :)
and I say Never

Shimaa Gamal said...

Ok M :)

I have to make it clear first that I was anti revolution before it even started :)

I see the Arab spring as a "mess" until proven otherwise. For many geo-political reasons.
I don't see anyone gaining from this except the US & Israel

& for the record, I don't count the US as a friend for Egypt. It is the type of enemy you keep closer than your friends coz making a clear enemy out of the US is the most stupid thing any country can make :)

6 April is an OTPOR franchise :) Regardless how you see them, for me they are just like McDonald's.

& I don't blame our magles 3askary for the mess we are in. I blame them among others. I can't totally blame anyone right now for trying to get full control of Egypt.

It is just tempting :)

The whole middle east is going through the worst time ever.

As for the Russians, maybe they don't seem equal to the west. But they have the chance to get back to the world powers playground. They have all the potentials.

The American domination of the world isn't doing the world any good. The EU is apparently falling instead of standing in front of that American domination & at best if it survived it is turning into a tool.

People of the world should have more options. The American model shouldn't be the only model for people to live.

& I am happy that nothing will change the "smart" thing :)

These days my anti arab spring ideas are pressing too many buttons on too many people :)

Historically this is the 3rd Arab Spring. I just hope it won't have the same consequences :)

Anonymous said...

Ok Shimaa:)
as a follower of your blog I knew that you were not fund of the revolution before your admission to that fact! how did I know?!
just a hunch:)
will, if you mean mess on the physical appearance we may agree there, but not in it's core value..That's my thought.
all revolution specially the one that happen in such situation such as Egyt are followed by some kind of social upheaval( nothing of value comes at a free price ya Shimaa)
as for US and Israel these are the convienient places to blame when in fact most of our problems in the Mid East are self inflicted. by the way these two countries are friends of Mubarak and his likes and now friends of Maglis Alaskary and these guys are the biggest recipient of US Aid Al3askary that is:) not the Tahrir guys, funny is n't it?!
I agree with you that every country should seek it's own model but what can you do(3o2dit elna2s every body wanna be like the US)
I live in the US and here there is a saying, It;s not good to be an enemy of the US but it's more dangerous to be a friend!
watch the egyptian tv everybody trying to be an american, they even speak English every other words to show the Egyptian commoner that their mother tongue is not cool enough.
I also agree with you the the Mid East is going through bad times, but who are we to blame?! the commoner or the so called leaders like Mubarak, ghadafi with their wise political approach:) Alsyassat al7akimah!!!
Wallahy Ya Shimaa if we work a little for our country and stop being like el2ar3 nimid libarah we will have a beautiful country in no time. wallah almosta3an (qute from Alfangary)
I see we agreed in some points here :)
Ana mabsoot we had this political conversation, thanks to the new Egyptian REVOLUTION we can differ and stay friends:) Walla Eh?!
Warm Regards,

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello again M

I think we are agreeing on the points but we are looking at it from different perspectives :)

ana kaman mabsoota for having this political conversation with you.

We can sure have different political views & still be good friends.

Though this isn't the case in Egypt these days. Which is breaking my heart in a way. People are losing family & friends over whom to vote for :)

ISA it will be for the best of Egypt :)

have a nice weekend :)