August 20, 2013

Going on 35

I just turned 34! YAY!

All through the year I had ideas about this post. Lots of things happened that would have made this a perfect year! Yet as we all know, nothing in this life is perfect. I don’t dare calling it a bad year. I would have called it a good year but I am writing this right now with a really heavy heart.

So it was just another year …

With lots of hopes and disappointments I am looking forward to the 35th birthday, a  milestone that I have set years ago.

So what made it a good/ bad/ just a year?

1st: Dream Job
Yes! You read that right. I have had a rare opportunity to do something that I really enjoy. I am getting paid for researching and reading. I would share one day more details about that job.
But for now, it isn’t only that I get paid for researching and reading that makes the job perfect but also the fact that I am working with a true mentor. I am really enjoying my time.
The downside? It is a temporary job. And I got attached to it. It is just like knowing that you are having a really pleasant dream and that you have to wake up eventually.

2nd: Dream Man
Yes! I had a chance to date my dream man. I fell in love with the guy that was carved out of my dreams. I had some of the best time in my life with him. I have never been happier.
The downside? He turned out to be a temporary thing too. And as much as I had some of the best time I had in my life. I am left with some of the most profound pain I ever had in my life.
He didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday … Typical!

3rd: Friends … Friends
I made lots of new friends this year. I realized I am always on the move on the friendship frontier. I make lots of friends. Always really interesting and kindly hearted people. I think I am blessed.
The downside?
- Sameh didn’t wish me a happy birthday. He remembers, he asked me two days ago what I want for my birthday, but he didn’t do what he had always done since we 1st met. It is my birthday morning and there is no sign of Sameh.
- I am not talking to Essam. He blocked me on Facebook over politics. And I am deeply hurt.

4th: Politics
Egypt has been going through a lot of mess. And correcting it will take more mess before things get better. If they ever do!

So, it has been a year … a lively year. I am so grateful for all the good things that happened. My heart aches over the things I lost.
I yearn for things that I wanted to happen in that year and didn’t but I am generally grateful.

Happy birthday to me.

Thank you all for listening. XoXo 


Anonymous said...

كل سنة وانت طيبة ويارب سنتك الجديدة تكون الاسعد والاروق والاوفر حظا ... وبرضه لسة ما "نشرتيش" قائمة الهدايا اللي انت عايزاها :)

يوم سعيد وسنة اسعد

Shimaa Gamal said...

و إنت طيب ( طيبة ) أشكرك بشدة :)

قائمة الهدايا نشرت منها أجزاء ، بس مالقتش إستجابة فقلت الطيب أحسن :)

كل سنة و إنت طيبة هدية كافية جدا :)

يومك حلو :)