February 16, 2008

Current Thought: The Neighbor’s Dog

My aunt is an amazing character. She is loved by everyone and everything around her. Her neighbor’s dog loves her as everything else. He wakes her up in the morning; spends the whole day playing with her. He jumps when he sees her. She feeds him, loves him and treats him as her own dog.
But the truth is that dog is not hers. He enjoys her company but will never be her dog. If there will ever be a moment of choice. That dog will choose his owner. He will always choose the place he considers home. The only place he chooses to sleep in.
This neighbor’s dog is any given man who approaches a woman in time he is attached in another relation. He comes for the fun, the care and probably the food. But when it is time to choose, there won’t be two things to pick from. He has already decided.


Z-Lo said...

I am trying to imagine what event, if any, prompted this post. It is probably best left to my imagination. I really like way it is presented though, the dog analogy. It could also be taken as another creative rephrasing of the old maxim, "men are dogs." But I was trying to figure out exactly what you meant by "approach a woman." People do sometimes leave one relationship for another, but food is probably not a determining factor. Forgive me if I am being completely obtuse :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Z-Lo
By approaching another woman I meant having an affair. It is about how men treat the “Other Woman”. In my part of the world, men don’t tend to walk out of relationships because of someone more interesting. Like dogs they will enjoy the company of the other woman but never leave their owner for her.
As for food, I meant sex. A dog will be your buddy if you fed him and so will a man if he had a safe, stable and free source of pleasure.
You are not obtuse :) I am the one who couldn’t put it in a clear way :( :(

Thanks for passing by.
I really enjoy your interesting blog

Anonymous said...

Realy this post is one on the best Images I've read.
It has many meaning the best one of them is dont stick in something is not yours watever happen However he shows interest however you think he love you or you felt you love him. At the end he will go for his home.
we 3ala ra2ey al masal
ya merabey fee gheer weldak ya baney fee gheer melkak(lol)

It is realy nice one Shimo


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Omar
I missed you comments. You know what is the problem with love, it is because we believe that love in unique in the time it is not. It is because we believe that we are different while we are not. The problem with love is not it is blind, the problem with love is that it is HOPEFULL.
Thank you for your nice words.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

there is a difference between a woman for love and a woman for life

who to blame ... the man, or the woman who allowed herself to be the fun zone?

تلك هى المسألة

Shimaa Gamal said...

I am someone who never blamed the other woman. Actually I have always believed that those men who seek a woman for fun didn’t make the right choice choosing the woman for life. if the have made the right choice they wouldn’t have sought the other woman. For me the other woman is the man’s dream. And because she is a dream, she can never be a reality. There is no one to blame. But anyone who gets involved in a relation knowing that she is the other woman; she should always know that he is the neighbor’s dog. He will end up in someone else’s home.
What do you think?

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i think that you have a nice sugar coated analysis ...

i still blame the woman who accept to be just a dream... god gave us reason... but!! if this reason is blinded by heart,and driven by wishes and hopes... can she really be blamed !!

it is a complicated issue, and i think that each case can be judged alone, there is no general rule here

i cant say that shadya in the movie "ahmed - mona" is bad afterall ... heheheh

Shimaa Gamal said...

Bonjour Dear Egyptiana :)
You have got a point. I guess hope, dreams and wishes can sometimes be blind. Experience is the eye-opener. But yet as you said, it is complicated and it is all relative.

Have a great day dear, it seems that the spring is taking it easy with us these days :)