February 26, 2008


- On success and failure: success is a relative term just like happiness. No one is 100% successful and no one is 100% happy. The same goes to failure. The key term is accomplishment.

- I said that I might have been searching for HH in all the men I have known. The look, the French accent, and the occupation. In a second thought, I guess I was wrong. I looked for the opposite of him. I looked for someone who listens because he never did. I looked for someone who reads because he will never do. And I looked for someone who will care to go for the forehead not the lips because he knows this is what I longed for. I hunted the ghost of the little girl he killed. I found her alive at the very same breakfast table. As I poured my fears of an unconscious love. And as I let go the last symptoms of the withdrawal of a very old addiction.

- It is amazing how things can change by changing our angle of perspective. It was the same place, and the same two persons sitting on the very same table in a typical morning. It was again breakfast. But the angle was tilted towards the friendship view. Nothing was the same. It was clearer and it was easier. The same enjoyment but with a more relief. I guess I owe him another thank you. Thank You :)


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

as if you are reading my mind girl!!

addiction to someone can be simply overcomed.. if you move your way of thinking a little bit toward a brighter area

as if u r standing under a tree, looking at a flower, it will seem dark ... but if u moved to the space just beside the tree, where sunlight pour its glorious sparkles everywhere ... the flower will be colorful and much more beautiful

i did it ... i overcomed my addiction ... and now i am standing tall over a mountain of experiences ... some failed, some succeded ... but all in all ... i am the woman on top :)

ps: it may seem simple, but hard to apply ... take years of thinking and deciding ... and praying and hoping!!

lots of effort and work

searching for the opposit .. is it the best startegy? i think every one has his shortcomings .. and the best to do is to ... open up, and accept!

thought the examples u mentioned are so valid ... and none but a woman can feel what you mean ...

i love it when u kiss my lipse, it make me feel how feminine i am ... but i love it more when u kiss my forehead cause it is a sign of care and respect .... u know these sort of things lol

i am being talkative here
and i am saying all silly things ever ... seems i cought the writing virus from u ... lol

saba7 el fol ... cheers ya gamila

Shimaa Gamal said...

Saba7 el fol :)
I am so happy that you got the writing virus back, yet you can't be as talkative as me :)

It is true, only a woman can understand those little things. Or a man who keeps his eye on the little window the woman opened on her soul.

If only they could read!!!

I am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy you are back