February 08, 2008

The Dedication

I have been writing that thing I call my book for sometime now. The first thing I wrote was the dedication. I know people usually write books then they dedicate it but in my case I dedicated an unwritten book for the reason who made me thought of writing it in the first place.
I am not sure if I will ever finish it. I am not sure if it will ever get published. The only thing I am sure of is he was the reason.


To the man who took me to the other face of life, the man who made me taste the sweet bitterness of human relations, the man who drew the first line in the new picture of me, perfected the picture and eventually broke his perfection with a messing line, The man who manipulated the thoughts, the feelings, and the soul. To my guide in the valley of shadows, to the shadow that darkened my life, to a few good days and a rule of misery.
To Hamdy, the friend, the father, the lover, the husband, the playboy, and the enemy.

Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing.

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