February 20, 2008

I Hate FaceBook

I hate the facebook. I know that people around the world fell for it the moment they tried it, I was one of them, but I still hate it. I hate the facebook because it has an amazing way to make you discover your real friends from the fake ones.
I started hating the facebook when M.M.I.B didn’t add me to his friends list. He claimed we are friends but he was scared that his fiancée, now wife, will see me on the facebook. She knew who am I, and she knew that he had a thing for me before her parents interfered to get the pigeon back to the cage. He didn’t add me, and then I knew that the 0.00000000001% probability of him being honest about us is false.
I hated the facebook more with HH, unlike M.M.I.B I was on his friend list but neither of us maintained that position for long. First he started by approaching a friend’s girlfriend just because she is Mexican and on my list. Then I started posing questions about people he is still calling family though they aren’t. Hence the block and delete.
Facebook didn’t stop at that point, it was the way I discovered Brad’s engagement. Later Brad deleted me; hid himself so that I can’t find him through searches and though we are supposed to be on friendship basis I am still off his friend list.
The best thing I initially liked about the facebook was that it got me back in touch with old friends. It was really nice to get back in contact with people from college and school. I kind of hate that feature too as these people will always show off the shiny job, shiny husband and shiny kids. Then consequently they will make my life less shiny as I quit my job, have no husbands and definitely no kids.
I am not in the mood to brag. Actually I am in the mood to count my losses not my victories, if I have any. I think it wasn’t a good idea to get back in touch with old friends. Now I remember why I have always hated re-unions.
I hate the facebook, but I don’t think I will quit it soon.


Anonymous said...


Dear Shimma,
I can tell from your recent posts these are not the best of times for you, however look at the bright side at least you know now who is your true friend and who is not, now shouldn't that make the facebook sort of good because it's really helping you in sorting things out, so the problem is not with facebook it is with the people in it, and may be with your sensitive soul that thought highly of them.
start a new facebook where people are really there and not hiding.
wish you better days ahead.

Anonymous said...

After all of what u said i think you should love facebook not to hate it.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Mahmood
Unfortunately, this might not be the best time of my life. But still it is not the worst. I am just suffering from a huge wave of mood swing. The best thing about swings is that they are temporary by definition. I pray this swing won’t stay for any longer. Every time I think it is finally over I got dragged again to the bottom of the well.
Thank you for your wishes and for your nice words. I really appreciate your care


Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Omar
Actually I didn’t mention something about the facebook that I completely love, and I won’t say it in public. But it is the same thing I love about google, my best online friend, and the internet in general.
Thanks for passing by :)

sorrow11 said...

The internet brings out all of us. We don't always like what we see, but, we don't always see what is real. Here or on the street.
Be cheered, You have an abundance of blessings, may they shine in your days!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Sorrow11
Thank you for your nice words. I guess the internet is one of the multiple blessings that shines in my days everyday. I believe that knowing who is a real friend and who isn't is a blessing.
But sometimes we got diverted.
Thanks for reminding me :)

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