November 19, 2010

X & Y – An Unlikely Scenario

X (Narrating) : It was a completely out of character move for both of us. It just happened. As wrong as it might sound but I think it was supposed to happen long time ago.

Yes, we are together now and, again, as wrong as this might sound. It is the best-est thing I, we, did in a while.

Y (Narrating): I watch him sleep. We sure make love and everything. We watch television, we discuss books and he handles my pillow thoughts first hand. But the best part is when he fall asleep right beside me and I just watch him sleep.

Yes, we are together now. It just happened. And as wrong as it might sound it is just the best-est thing I, he, did in a life-time.

Who cares about tomorrow, we are living in the now. I watch him sleep and this is all what matters.


deppy said...

how bad is that I cried while reading this post?

Shimaa Gamal said...

The question is, what made you cry?

deppy said...

well, let's say cause at that moment, all I wanted to hear is "am willing to make a mistake with you" or " I'm willing to try"

But I didn't :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, you know this is exactly why that was unlikely scenario.

Mistakes that end up happily happens only on screen :)

so, don't cry :)

deppy said...

If that scenario is "unlikely" so what is the "likely" to take crap? to be easy? to just forget about the whole thing and turn it off?

What the hell we're supposed to do to have a normal likely scenario?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, there are few likely scenarios that both X, & Y can choose without committing what they both admitted was a mistake and an off character move.

Apparently, one of them isn't welling to invest in the relation. So, the likely scenarios are

the one left behind to keep feeling down and dumped ... wel mana7a eyaha

the one left behind, find a way and get himself together and eventually he can find a better scenario.

You shouldn't take crap, ever. Easy, is relative. I personally pro being easy because life is difficult enough. The fact that you are available to invest into a relation with no strings attached doesn't make you easy, it just makes you practical.

The unlikely scenario is abnormal. It is can't normally happen.

Likely & normal scenarios are usually dull. That's why God gave us imagination

deppy said...

Being normal is the first basic innate need of the human race. its the basic instinct of every single one of us, we tend to look for "the normal" cause it helps us live a better life.

Normal is relative, my normal might be abnormal for others. and I don't think it's dull cause life is always challenging. I dont think anyone who is not so normal will take the normal as is, we put our spices to the recipes and make them abnormal our way.

it's not dull, it's rather how we're supposed to be. I use that line sometimes along with "I don't need anyone" and "am happy with my life the way it is" but the truth is am full of crap, and am just building a shell around me so that i will be able to move on with my life.

the thing is we complicate things, we tend to choose the hard way. we make ourselves suffer, let alone giving others privileges to interfere and mess with our lives as well.

sorry for being as cynical but am fed up.

insomniac said...

and you know i LOVE that post, i am sure you do!