August 19, 2007

Current Thought - Forgiveness

I once wrote about the definition of love wondering if love is in forgiveness. Now as Brad is asking for my forgiveness, does forgiving him mean that I love him?
What if I couldn’t? Does that mean I don’t? What if I forgot what he did, does that count as forgiveness??

Would my closure be forgivness? Do I need a closure? I have always wanted one; do I still need a closure? Do I need a closure to stop missing him, to stop thinking of him, to fight the urge of calling him, to fight the need to talk to him? Do I need a point to reach peace and let go? Can I ever let go? Did I ever let go?
I have been trying to forgive him, but I would lie if I said I did. I am trying to forget what he did but I have a long list of unanswered questions that keeps reminding me with every single detail.
Can I forgive him? Can I forget?


Anonymous said...

ia have a mad idea about that.may be it looks like littel pit strange.
Forgiving him means that u didn't love him let me say that u were thought that u love him but u were not. U may liked him but not true love.

I may wrong i may right.

Omar( 2emda2 ahoo 3alashan ma7adesh yez3al)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

forgiving him means you are over the pain ... but are you really over the pain..

dont say it unless you mean it, else you would regret saying it

thought i lately saw that you did!!!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Miss Egyptiana

I didn't get over the pain. I have put the pain in a black box and I have thrown it in a black sea.
I am not sure but may be I deeply believe that I deserved it in a way.