August 26, 2007

Current Thought - The Type

My idea of a vacation resembles to a great extent my idea of a honeymoon, a place with no one around, a calm sea, fresh air and lots of greenery preferably in a 5 stars hotel with a 24/7 room service.
I am writing this in day 1, the vacation seems to be a good one, though family is around but yet the place isn’t crowded, a really calm sea and lots of greenery. The only thing missing is the 24/7 room service.
I started the vacation with a surprise, my grand mother got some news that I couldn’t categorize as bad or good. She told me that someone is proposing to me. This someone is a relative who happens to be a good friend of mine. Actually I was taken by surprise and my little mind couldn’t find a suitable reply but silence. So, she gave me a week to think the offer over.
I can’t deny that I didn’t like the surprise but it was sort of expected as my grandmother had posed the issue before in a grandma/grand daughter kind of talk. It was two years ago when she asked “what do you think of “”, what if he proposed would you consider accepting his offer.” I remember back then I gave her a vague answer, or what I see now as a vague answer, as my answer was that he isn’t more than a cousin to me and that I never thought of him as anything else.
I didn’t like the surprise as the last thing I need now is to take a decision that would necessarily lead to a significant result. I am in a phase where I need what was best described, in the movie “You got mail”, by the “Starbucks” decisions, a serious of decisions that would lead to an insignificant result like how I would have my coffee and will leave me satisfied by the decision making process.
The first thing that came to my mind was that he isn’t my type. The second thing was the question, if he isn’t my type so, “what is my type?!”
I recall little of the picture I had for the man of my dreams. I have always wanted him be tall, fit, with dark hair, fair complexion, a pair of catchy eyes and a wonderful smile.
I have always pictured long talks, fruitful discussions and genuine laughs.
I wanted him to smell good, to dress good and to accept willingly the hazards of my company, a man who willingly accepts the lioness in the cat, the woman in the girl and the Goddess in the human, a man who can see the different faces of me and love each and every one of them.
I wanted a man who is as genius as Albert Einstein, as poetic as Khalil Gibran & who possess an ambition that can put him on top of this world.
That was the dream but in the reality I have settled for less. I just wanted a man who can read, talk and listen. I wanted a man who looks good. A man who is willing to try, fail and then succeed. A man who accepts me the way I am the same way I appreciate the way he is. I wanted someone who meets a relative definition that could simply be applied on any man.
One more time I started going through the men I knew in a try to find out a pattern or maybe a thread to lead me to discover “my type”.
The trend showed that I have always gone for the engineers, I have always gone for those who spoke more than one language, I have always gone for outgoing men to compensate my shyness deficiency, and above all I have always gone for the good talks regardless how shallow these talks were.
I have had unconsciously chosen the men who had something in common with the picture in my dreams. I have always gone for the taller, the fitter, the better dresser and the sweeter talk. I have always gone for the smarter, the funnier and the more successful.
I have always gone for the dream but was that dream right for me? Is Mr. Right is really right? Is that type is my type?
My sister said that she had always found a problem setting me up with someone, as for everyone she thinks of she discovers that he is too shallow for me. For her, my type is someone who reads, someone who uses the gray material located in his skull and also known as the brain, she said that an open minded man is my type and anything else isn’t a necessity.
“S” on the other hand said that my type is someone quiet and outgoing. Though it might sound strange that an outgoing person can be quiet, but “S” was right. My “Mr. Right” should be outgoing but yet quiet enough to fit with my character.
Brad said that he thinks my type is "a Neo-Classical Rebelliously Conventional Gentleman
A Brad that didn't stab you in the back would be an excellent choice for you"

The thing is, if all the men I knew were my type in a way and it always failed. Will it be wise to try someone who isn’t the type maybe it works?!!!

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wanted a man who is as genius as Albert Einstein, as poetic as Khalil Gibran & who possess an ambition that can put him on top of this world

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