August 19, 2007

Temporarily Out of Service

I just hate the timing of that vacation, I just hate unplanned things. I tend to be spontaneous but I guess I am not as spontaneous as I am supposed to be.
I hate the timing of this vacation because I am leaving on my birthday. I didn’t have plans and no one booked me for the occasion, but I had hopes for doing something special that day. I usually hate my birthday, I hate the whole month of August. I believe it is a disastrous month but I am trying to be positive.
So as a part of celebrating my birthday I decided to stay positive and make a list of the good things that happened since my last birthday.
The best birthday celebration ever that “S” gave me. The amazing breakfast, the serious of gifts and the feeling that someone really care to remember.
- My brother finally graduated
- Roka (my friend)got married
- Fatma (my friend)got engaged
- Safaa (my cousin & friend) doing her PhD and hopefully she will finish it the way she wants.
- Essam (my friend)got rid of the someone I call “Mozet Q8”
- Hossam (my friend)coming home in vacation after a really long time
- Finally I found my closure regarding the M.M.I.B issue
- Shady (my friend) finishing his masters.
- The blog :)
Brad was among the best things that happened to me till the disastrous month of August did its tricks and one more time I lost a man to that month

Speaking of the bad things that happened to me in that year
- Brad, the whole experience, though I am not the type who regrets things but I have to admit that the Brad’s experience was something that I didn’t sign up for, A proof that I didn’t really seek. The way he treated me wasn’t something that can be ignored and it was one of the bad things that happened to me in that year. (the freshest and the closest to my birthday).
- Quitting my job; though I have been telling everyone that it was one of the best things that happened to me, but I have to admit that the way I have quitted my job was as painful as being dumped. I have given everything I can into this job and I took nothing in return, not even a thank you, sounds typical!!
- Getting back to “H.H” the dominant shadow. I wasted my hard work by accepting his apology. I have wasted my only chance to get rid of him.
- Gaining more weight.

I guess it wasn’t a bad year after all.

Happy birthday to me

I will be temporarily out of service, see you after the vacation


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


ya rab ya rab next year tekon agmal we agmal

have the maximum of fun ever dear

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Shimaa

Kol sana we enty tayeba we al sana al gaia tekoney 7a2a2tey kol a7lamek


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Shimaa!

This is Hanney from

I have sent you a PM on

Love your blog! :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Miss Egyptiana

Thank you very much for your sweet words.

The vacation was fun thnx God, I just missed reading you :)

Shimaa Gamal said...


Thank you very much, wenta tayeb we yesma3c menak rabena :)

Thank you my friend

Shimaa Gamal said...


I don't know how to thank you, I am really flattered.

Thank you from deep pf my heart my fellow leo :)