April 14, 2008

Political Buzzes – 1

Chances to have an Islamic Republic of Egypt: NULL

Regardless how hard the Muslim Brotherhood are working, regardless how scared is the government and regardless the increasing hype of the radical Islamic preaching. The chances to see Egypt as an Islamic state like the case of Iran or Saudi Arabia are null.
What the Muslim Brotherhood and the government are missing is that the Islam the Egyptian Muslims embrace is the Egyptian Islam. Which is supposed to be Sunni but it is Sheie in the core that respects Christianity and still follows the pharos rituals. It is almost impossible to cage a diversified culture in a stiff ideology frame. Egyptian Christians on the other hand don’t differ from the Muslims. They embrace a religion that is a mix of different heritages. We Egyptians do it subconsciously. We just do it. We have been doing it for more than 5000 years. The only chance for such a dream to occur is to change the Egyptians. To have such a type of state the only way is to teach Egyptians to discriminate. They have been doing their best to do, but unfortunately misery ends up uniting them all.


Sherif said...

You're absolutely right ..

We are simply Egyptians .. we can never be something else ..

It's true that all cultures have been affected by ours, not the opposite.

Sarcastically, Mahmoud El Saadany said that even England, which has ever been the kingdom of no sunset and the then world superpower, when Egypt was liberated it left as a nation of the third degree instead of raising egypt to a first class country.

Very nice post. God bless you

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Sherif
One of the key characteristics of Egyptians is patience and tolerance. That’s why I never believed that a religion biased state will ever be an option. Egyptians aren’t violent by nature, we talk a lot and work a little which isn’t always that bad. Through history nations came in but never left, they all became Egyptians. To be an Egyptian is to be a product of a blend of different cultures.
It took 5000 years to create that blend; it might take as long to decompose it.
If only the government knew ;)