April 16, 2008

Absolutely Nonsense

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Cinderella is the archetype of your Rags to Riches pattern, a story that's been retold throughout history in books, movies, poems, and songs. For you, love is more important than expectations, stereotypes and what other people think is good for you. Ah, the American Dream of self-determination. It's the stuff from which true fairytales are made.

But, here's the recurring pattern you may see in your relationships: Feeling the need to get your due.

Have you or your partner been discriminated against? Have people done their best to keep you apart? People with the strength of character to pursue their loves despite obstacles and adversity often find themselves in this pattern.

In the film "Pretty in Pink", Molly Ringwald wins the heart of the rich preppy, while in the movie "16 Candles", tough-guy Judd Nelson craves the attention of pretty girl Ringwald.

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