April 29, 2008

Are All Muslims Terrorists?!


Nah·det Masr said...

No, but apparently, these days, all terrorists are Muslims unfortunately! they slaughter hostages in cold blood in front of TV cameras, they blow up funerals, they send rockets indiscriminately into urban areas, etc...

I know it's sad, but we -as Muslims, have to be the first to admit this truth!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shimaa,
Interesting video it shows how America has become, I have lived in the states for more than 20 yrs and I can tell you this was the best place to live in until we got the religious fanatics in both sides, and the fanatic media that promotes hatred such as Fox television.
we have here in the states the so called nu conservatives i.e. christian fanatics who are totally committed to the end of the world in preparation for the second coming of Jesus as they believe, on the other hand we have Muslim fanatics who are out of despair doing stupid things that are not helping any cause, and behind both of theses fanatics comes the Jewish fanatics who use the evangelical Christians in America and the west and provoke the Muslims in the east. amazing irony by the people of the book or the Abrahamic religions as we call them and to my dismay it looks like it's gonna get worst before it gets any better.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Nahdet Masr

Unfortunately, those terrorists claim to be Muslims though their actions are nothing related to Islam. But yet even if there are Muslim terrorists does that mean that every Muslim is a terrorist? Why anyone didn’t notice that the victims of the so called Muslim terrorists are mostly Muslims. In Egypt, Algeria, Morocco …etc those so called Muslim terrorists have killed thousands of innocent people, why the west didn’t recognize these victims as Muslims too. Why the Muslims are only terrorists?
I have written before that I blame Muslims for being passive and not working to give a proper image about Islam but the west should be blamed for stereotyping.

Thanks for passing by :)


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood
In the last couple of weeks I have had discussions with some family members and some of my friends about how the core of the three Abrahamic religions is the same. We are supposed to be worshiping the same God but some how in different ways. What’s forbidden in Islam is forbidden in Judaism and is also forbidden in Christianity. But our perception of the other and the what seems to be a global disrespect of the others’ freedom to believe in whatever they want and do whatever they want is what led us to see such behaviors not only in the USA but across Europe and even in the sacred middle east. You are right, things are moving to the worst, a miracle is needed to stop the free fall.

The blog missed your comments :)
Your’s Shimaa