April 15, 2008

Current Thought – Miss Havisham

Honestly I am not a Dickens fan. The only thing I like for Dickens is the tale of two cities, I never liked his semi-autobiographical writings. That’s why I never liked David Copperfield, Oliver Twist (though I love the musical) and great expectations. Maybe I hated them because I never understood such kinds of misery at early age. I never liked the theme of the early industrial revolution in England and I never understood how life can be so cruel to a person and then everything eventually ends up for the best.
Though I never liked any of Dickens’ miseries but yet I kept a character or a line engraved in my mind. I may not remember the plot of David Copperfield. For me he was just an orphan in a misery but the only thing I remember is a line where Mr. Barkis asks David to tell Miss Peggotty that he is willing.
It was Miss Havisham that got engraved in my mind out of Dickens’ great expectations, sitting in her chair, wearing her wedding gown and setting the time to the same day and the same hour. I remember that she got me scared when I was younger. She was completely out of this world. I couldn’t understand how someone would ever be willing to stop the time. At that time I wasn’t ever going to understand how life could ever be defined by a single tragic event.
The older I grew, the more I remembered Miss Havisham. The older I grow the more I wish I could stop the time. And the more I remember Miss Havisham the more I get scared. But this time not because she seems out of this world but because I am scared to end up like her an old cruel spinster who is blinded by rage and will end up burnt in her preferred solitude.
Just in case Miss Havisham’s ghost kept haunting me I will keep the candles away!!

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