April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Sameh

I have been thinking of something to write him in his birthday. I am talkative but sometimes words seem to dump me. Tomorrow my good friend will turn 33. And this means that I am too getting older. The good news is at least one of us is getting wiser and the other is doing enough stupid things for the rest of the generation.
I guess this will be your lucky year. May all wishes come true and may all my wishes to meet you soon come true.
Thanks for being there when others seem to forget.
Love, Always


Sherif said...

Do you really mean ..

" .. when others seem to forget."

Who are these others ?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Sherif
The others are his peers, i.e. my other friends. Sameh has a sincere eye for details, he always notice what most of people won’t notice. I am a high maintenance friend, I have a very complex support system, Sameh is my last line of defense, when everything else fail he is always around. This goes to only a short list of my friends that includes one more friend beside him.
What was so strange in the phrase?