June 20, 2008

The Truth About Coffee & Tea

I am definitely not a coffee girl. I don’t over consummate coffee though I believe it is essential to start off the day with a little dose of caffeine disguised in a cup of coffee & milk. I enjoy coffee not only for its awakening effect but because of its uniqueness. Wishing to be unique myself I look high at coffee as whenever coffee is around other scents and tastes faint. Coffee has such a presence, for me it is a perfect woman brewed into a cup.
Yet I would always prefer tea. I love how sensitive it can be. Just like me, it should always be handled with care. As the slightest things could really change how it tastes. This sensitivity though might sound a turn off but yet it is one of the best things about tea. It is what makes each cup a different experience. With sugar, with mints, little milk or even lemon, honey, saffron and cardamom or the holy earl-grey. Each is a door to a different heaven. Each is a secret way to a different world.

As coffee is a woman, man is a cup of tea. Black, white or even green they are all tea that got flavored with different exposures to different experiences. Just like tea some are mild, some are wild and every other day you come across a perfect balance. And just like tea, you can keep adding flavors that keep mixing to enhance your enjoyment in a way.
The perfect cup will always be the one that you know will always draw a smile on your face. The one you wake up longing for, the one that makes the afternoon perfect and the one that grants a good night sleep. The perfect cup is the sanctuary that keeps you off the world when things unexpectedly happen. The perfect cup will neither be wild nor mild, what makes it perfect is that regardless what is added it always seems to be the thing you asked for.

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