June 19, 2008

A Series of Pointless Posts: Movie Hunt

I am really not good with names, which is a really bad thing, it is not only that I never remember the names of the books or the songs or the celebrities but also I always forget the names of the people I used to be friends with at a certain point of time. Actually I have a non-stick memory, which is a good thing sometimes.
Anyway, I have been searching for a movie that I can remember neither its name nor the name of who starred it. All what I can remember is a line and some of the plot. It was about a man and a woman who met and got married, then got divorced and they kept meeting and re-marrying after each divorce for four times and when one of the man’s friends asked him why her. He smiled and said she just fits!


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) i think the title contain the word notebook or something ... da film lesa mosh adim awe !!!

regarding "She Just Fits"

i wonder with what part of their bodies men think about women ??!!

it is either pure mind... or pure desire ...

else... in fairy tales, and worlds of our own creation, maybe above a pinkish cloud in the ghost world ... lol

Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess it might be a production of the mighty 90's :) you know the 90's isn't that old ;)

Regarding the "She Just Fits"
It is one of really few lines of movies that my poor memory can recall, because it reflects one of my ideas about love.

In that movie, the man met the woman got married, then problems took over so they get divorced. Then back together, kids then problems then another divorce. They kept repeating it over and over. For different reasons but each time they end up married and each time they end up divorced. When they finally came back together, and that friend asked him why her. The she just fits seemed the best answer. His life was a puzzle with a missing piece and she just happen to fit.
(I can't believe that I am that Romantic)

As for your question, it is always desire :) I didn't meet the man who really use the mind to deal with women. The mind is sure used, but only to find a way to please that desire.
(Yes, I am in the I HATE MEN mood ;))