June 07, 2008

Political Buzzes 2 – The New Islamic Empire

A lot of people seem to be selling the dream of Islamic/ Arab unity on basis that this will be the road of putting Muslims ahead of other nations and consequently ruling the world by creating the new Islamic Empire.
I was going through some old mails and I read an article that was circulated 2 years ago. The article was about the Islamic come back and how the Muslim world is being changed because Islamists are winning more ground on their countries and this might be a sign of an Islamic come back.
I can’t agree with such calls, because forming such a nation that will inherit the light of civilization from the current possessors needs more than the good willing of a dreamer and the political rising of some radicals.
The dream of having a giant united Islamic state that resembles what ruled the world once is completely unfeasible because of the very same argument that article used to warn/ celebrate the Islamic come back. The noticeable rising of radical Muslims is a sign that Islam is going through a major crisis as extremes and extremists have no place in that world.
The calls for reviving the old kingdom are absolutely infeasible because the old kingdom died and the heritage was moved to other enlightened nations. Time moves forward and so does nations. The calls for dragging the whole world back in time in a hope the dead will rise from death will result in nothing but darkness. And in the war of darkness and light, light always win because it takes as small as a match to pave a way in a very dark tunnel.

I could never understand those who try to put Islam as a political aim. Islam is a religion not a political party. Islam is a faith not a nationality. And Muslims doesn’t need to be united in a giant religion based state. Who said that God ordered us to form a state? Or who said that God promised Muslims the politics of the world for as far as I remember God promised anyone who believed heaven. I never knew that the road to heaven is through political wars.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that is one of the main reasons that makes me hate religions ... human interpretation turned all beautiful things into something deformed and ugly

as u said they wanna draw us back to the time even before islam ... where racism and opression ruled the world

strong calls to pull the world into dark times ... and the end will be doom for all who use the word of god against his creatures

i think all who tried so... end with failure ... god save us

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello My dear
You know those extremists always forget that this world was created to balanced, all over history the tries to pull the world to one of the extremes always failed.
I just hate how they give my religion a bad name.