June 21, 2008

Just for Fun: The Secret List

In his latest posts Mohaly posed two interesting questions the first was about the reason that makes a woman accept a proposal and the second was intended for men about if a woman should propose to the someone she thinks is her ONE.
Actually, I tried to be as diplomat as I could be and answered the question intended for women, though I believe the true experience that needed to be shared was my exceptional expertise in the proposing area.
Till now, none of the male readers answered the question, but regardless how they will ever answer it, my advice is NEVER PROPOSE.
I don’t know why I remembered Ross of the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S telling Phoebe that he enjoyed proposing. And how disastrous was the result of Phoebe trying to make up what she messed up when her boyfriend proposed by proposing back to him. So regardless what men will say, girls please keep the humiliation for the more experienced gender. They were born immunized against rejection.
As you must know by now, I am the type of person who keeps teasing about almost anything and everything. So probably I will never be serious while proposing, or at least none could ever tell if I am really serious or it is just another joke.
So here we go, I will unleash the secret list and I will confess when I was serious and when I was joking (from the highest number of proposals to the least)

Number 1 is: I bet most of you will expect a familiar name. Brad, HH, MMIB, or any of the initials I ever mentioned in my venting for the last year. But the surprise is the first on the list of proposals in my cousin. He is almost ten years younger than me. I keep teasing him about getting married and I keep telling him that we are engaged. This one is one of my genuine jokes. I was never serious and I will never be.

Number 2 is: the second is, Sameh. My good friend Sameh happens to be the second on that secret list. And as he is a dedicated reader I won’t tell if it was a joke or I ever was serious, as I am not planning to stop teasing him soon about it. *Here I am teasing him gain*

Number 3: here comes the ex’s, MMIB comes third on that list. The first time I proposed I did it by mistake. Actually I was saying something else and instead the word marriage was spilled out of my mouth. I kept apologizing but he actually believed it was a nice spill. I proposed later once as a tease and once as stating a fact.

Number 4: Essam, another good friend of mine. I always tease him about getting married instead of the unstable love lives we both have. This is always a joke, though the 40 years deal wasn’t a joke. *wicked wink*

Number 5: MH, one of the ex’s. I proposed once and for all. It was when he was about to leave to the USA to pursue his PhD and a friend of mine advised me to pose marriage. I did and his reaction was “But you never mentioned commitment?!” sorry buddy, my fault.

Number 6: last but not least Mr Xx (aka Brad) actually I didn’t propose till recently as we were talking about how I keep teasing people about marriage and as I never proposed to him I found it a necessity to ask one of my major crushes if he would like to have me as a wife, he promised me a surprising answer and he was up to it, he agreed. If only it wasn’t a joke *wicked wink*

So, I guess 6 isn’t a number. Especially if half the number are silly jokes. It is amazing that HH isn’t on the list, but I just discovered that I never proposed to the man, he is the one who keeps proposing. I might share one of my answers to one these proposals one day.

Anyway, as Ross said proposing could be fun and it is really addictive. But it is not really effective. If you really like the man wait until he gets over his insecurities and take the step. If you don’t or if you are as crazy as me just do it, you will love the reactions. It is actually one of the ways to test how experienced is your guy * another wicked wink *

Anyway if you are male, single, smart and cute will you marry me* LOooOL*

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