June 16, 2008

Another Look Inside


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

mmm very tempting ... i am not sure if you know this about me, but i like to go inside others,,, and read the unreadable :)

let me play miss mysterious psychic and tell you about you from those photos :D ... i will tell you what you probably know very well... but it feels good sometimes to find yourself read by others, and written in words

so who is shimaa from those photos

you love things that is characterized with richness... and carry the hidden esence of life inside ...

i think you like things to be clear rather than hidden... but when it comes to you... hide hide

you need a different vacation... where you can be the one who is really you and not the one who is supposed to be

you wanna grew old with your beloved one, and appreciate long term relations... though you fear it ...

you are trapped... and wish for someone to drag you out ... bas nasi7a meny... no one will ... so do it yourself

of course writing for you is much more than an activity to get your ideas out... it is the art of feeling the you... the others.. the things... havent i told you that you like direct clear things... it is not enough for you to feel love... you need to see the word love written in front of your eyes ... maybe ... to believe that those feelings really exist

pink is your color... and the child inside is wishing to be released

mmm i cant see anything else ... words are over :)

saba7ek sokar

hey you prefer to get out of the cyber box via phone first... wala to meet 3ala toul :)

my soul mate

Shimaa Gamal said...

Good morning my dear
I really enjoy being read by others ;) and you have done a perfect job “Miss Psychic”
Yes, I love things to be rich with the essence of life, even I can see richness in little things.
I love things to be clear as I am not smart to figure out mysteries. You are true about the vacation thing, actually the thought crossed my mind last night as I discovered that I go in vacation with people who share nothing of my expectations of a vacation, I end up being what they expect me to be, and not the one I really am. Yes for me love is “forever”, love is in an old hand reaching to catch you after life’s done with you. I fear it because I know nothing is forever, I know how harsh life could be, but between you and me this is how I will have things. Forever is what I want and forever it will be.
I will try dragging myself out from my self-made trap :) and sure pink is my color ;). Though “miss color” is my name but yet something pink will always make my day.
Thanks Miss Psychic, I really liked the game :)