March 15, 2008

A Series of Pointless Posts -2- Kiss … Kiss

I really would like to know what a kiss means to a man. I know what it means for me. I know that it is the most intimate action between any two persons. I know that a kiss is a seal to the deal of giving away my soul to someone. But does it have the same meaning to a man? When a man kisses a woman, does this mean he loves her? Or it is just a try to pave his way to a bigger target (sex)? What does it mean when a man goes for the hand? What does it mean when a man hits toward the lips?
I want an answer. Would you men mind taking me in a tour in your minds?


Anonymous said...

Hope you are well shimaa,
will, you choose simple but very difficult questions my dear, kiss means different things for the same man depending on who he is with.
if he is in love it's the taste of heavenly Ecstasy that makes him high, if he is after sex then that all that it means, it's the beginning of an adventure that will land him a woman in bed.
all in all kissing a beautiful woman always has it's rewards.
nice subject shimaa, wish i have an adequate answer but i tried.
be well and happy.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood :)
It is really interesting how the meaning will differ depending on the context.
I really wish I had a man's mind and sometimes I pray for a man's heart.
I don't know why sometimes I think that a man's heart isn't capable of love. Or maybe a man's mind interprets love in a different way.
I really hope one day I will get to an answer. I really hope one day I could find a way to tell if a kiss is a way to express love or it is just a way to find a partner in bed.

Thanks for your comment. And if you found other reasons share them with me. And if you could find any
guide to read what's in a man's mind let me know.


Anonymous said...

Shimaa you are just lovely human being, you really are.
I'm honored by your invitation to share my thoughts.
will here it is, believe it or not some of us are capable of love. however you are absolutely right the interpretation differ, your wish of traveling the road through a man's mind is shared by some men who wanna know how and what women think as will.
that leads me to believe the problem lies entirely in honest and sincere communication.
some women are well meaning but their ideas are mixed with fantasies and big dreams of what things are going to be like (mostly rosier and colorful) in the other hand men are more realist when it comes to real life, they don't see flowers or colors, you could call them color blind if you will.
also if i may add some women image of a man is rarely available in one single man and when we meet with such a woman we are threatened and vice versa.
now back to the kiss, I'm sorry for the lack of clarity on my first comment, all kisses are intended to end up in bed, however i meant one kiss feels and taste great it makes a man wanna be with this woman forever and get her to bed as will, the other kiss is purely bed bound.
I'm really humbled by your kind invitation to share my humble thoughts in a matter that I can hardly call myself a succes in.
thanks shimaa, cheers.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood
Thank you for your nice words :) and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your comments always add some meaning to my thought-less thoughts.
I agree with you, it is mainly a communication problem. This problem is enhanced if one of the parts is deliberately deceiving the other part. In such case, when lies become the norm, communication is almost impossible.
It is not about realism and fairy tales. I agree men are color blind :) and this is for real. Only women can see the different tones of the same color. But this difference shouldn’t be a problem. Partnerships weigh differences as they weigh similarities. Dreams are our way to grow. So I believe it is healthy if one of the partners is a dreamer, given that these dreams are feasible, and the other is an achiever. It should work, if there is communication. Hence we are back to square one. It is always a problem of communication.
As for the kiss, you cut the long story short. The bed is always the aim. You know, this is why I really want to get into a man’s head. I really want to know why the bed is always the aim. Why a man will pretend he is listening while he is completely lost in his thoughts about how to get that woman next to him in his bed. I really wonder why a man would spend years of lies in a try to get that woman in his bed. I really would like to know, what’s in a man’s mind. What’s so rewarding in having few minutes of pleasure. I think I will never understand how sex can be that important.
Thanks again Mahmood, keep sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shimaa,
it's me again, i guess it's just you and me.
you wanted a tour to a man's mind..! i will take you, fasten your seat belt it could be a bumpy ride.
will in the male species there are two people that exist, good guys and bad boys, on the other side of that there are good girls , bad girls and unassuming girls.
will, i happen to think of myself as a good guy who had many bad boys friends.
in my mind i always liked what i thought to be good girls until they prove otherwise, i was lucky most of the ones i knew were good but that made me date less in terms of quantity since the intentions were to have a long realationship,
the bad boys however seem to have more girls but much less quality.
good girls are smart and always know what they want and no bad boy can deceive them.
so now we established that the mind of those who think of themselves as good and worthy always think of love sex and long term relationships. it may or may not work but the intentions are always good.
on the other hand bad boys are charming to those girls who are of a lesser quality due to low self esteem or whatever it is that make them feel needy and not worthy, bad boys know how to make them feel good, at least for a while using pure lies and love words just to get them to do whatever it is they want them to do.
now we established that the bad ones think of sex, and a relation that last as long as they can manipulate the other party.
i didn't forget about the unassuming girls, those are the ones that suffer the most because they are generally nice but lack the experience and the street smart skills to know the difference between the good, bad and the ugly and they seem to be easy prey they are at a cross road depending on who they will end up with that will determine their path and which side they will be on.
again to the kiss, kiss always plays a crucial part in the relationship, good or bad relationship..!!
To be continued, may be you should make a blog for the human mind.
I'm enjoying that,
thanks Shimaa, cheers

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood :)
It seems that it is you and me here trying to figure out what people have in mind :)
I will start by the good vs bad definition. I agree with you, there are good men and there are bad men. This is a theory I have been trying to prove :) but till now, I can’t find the different man i.e. the good one.
I might not get your categorization of good and bad girls but this is what I got. You defined good girls as the girls who are smart and know what they want. Then you put a lesser quality in another category, those who lack self-esteem. I guess these are good girls too, but they happen to be an easier target for the bad guys to manipulate because of their confidence issues. Then the last category was the unassuming girls which I don’t know if you think they are good or bad but they are the easiest target because of their inexperience.
Let me give you an insider look. As a girl, there is one type of girls. The same way there is one type of men. The key difference lies in experience. Each of us has his/ her insecurities. Depending on the exposure our perception of what we want and how we view ourselves differ.
So the different categories you mentioned are not really categories they are levels of character development. A girl will always start unassuming. Then will move up to be with esteem problems then finally she will find out what she exactly wants and she will know that being herself in her greatest asset.
On the other side, men in our communities start earlier. And by all means the target is pre-determined. The target will always be having as much physical gains as he can have. I didn’t meet a man who starts a relation seriously till now. For me they all start relationships for experience. Later on, sometimes things get serious (and I have no clue why it happens) and sometimes a man will just jump to another flower in the garden.
There is old French saying “there is no spoiled woman, but there is always a spoiling man”. The thing that will always puzzle me, is that a man will always sense for experience. He will always seek an inexperienced girl for a serious commitment. And when he come across one he will happily spoil her life by sculpturing a deep hurt in her heart. And if a man came across one of the girl who knows how things work in this world, he will run away. And if at any given point of time he found a way to take her out. He will do, because it is always good to brag about the quality of the girls he had known. When he made a girl who is smart, confident and of high quality believe his lies this will always be a better victory.
As for the kiss, as you said, it is always the corner stone. Do you know why? Because it is the proof that the woman has given away for the man, and that he has become in control of another heart.
I will be waiting for you elaborations, I am really enjoying the ride :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Shimo,

Here's a thought; why don't you let me kiss you, and you will tell me exactly how and what you felt. Then kindly write it down here and tell me what you think/felt.

Here's the kiss: "Muaah"

PS: Great posting, Mahmoud :)

Oceans of kisses,

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Honey :)

Actually I don't know how would I feel if you kissed me. I would feel happy & high. Then I would feel confused. A kiss is a kiss as you said. I would be giving my heart away if I kissed you. I would be saying here I am, all yours with a kiss.
That's what will make me confused. I have only one heart to lose. And one Brad to win.
Still, it was something that I wanted to do ;) and I guess I will do it, if I have the chance, regardless the meaning :) Later will ask you what did you mean by that kiss.
So honey, now I am asking you. What did you had in mind when you kissed me :)

I just miss you

Anonymous said...

Dear Shimaa,
I'm glad you are enjoying the ride,
in a perfect world i would agree with you in how you revised the categories of my comment but per your request i was taking you in a tour where things may carry a different names,
Now Egyptian guys have a unique situation, they play so many cards to get the most out of a girl and not go through with the real thing, they use culture, social and other differences, as a mean to get out of a relationship looking good,! and actually sometimes leave the impression that they were victims and the girl would even show understanding and sympathy to the poor guy...!!!, and he will move on to another with the same story and if it did not work out he will come back claiming you are the one and only... hence he can see no other woman but you..(meaning today he can't, he was rejected by the others that is)
believe me Shimaa there are bad girls and there is what you would call (Cat woman) that's the one that loses interest in a good man the minute he gives her peace.
also you mentioned that some guys will run away from commitment, isn't that enough to know this guy's intentions..! may be in this case it's a blessing..
Now you wonder why I'm giving these info away?! and may be I will be cursed by other men for giving some of their malicious tricks away,
Will, I have abandoned the ring for a while now, I realized women get hurt and their hurt was felt profoundly by me i could not in good conscious do that to a gender that i love and Cherish so deeply and if i can save one i will feel good.
back to the kiss, did you just see what just happened?!
you were offered a kiss by brad, and you accepted regardless of what it may mean, will that's nice of you but that leaves the burden on brad whether he would be the good guy who would preserve you which i have no doubt he is, or if he was god forbid the other guy you will end up paying very dearly.
now you and i and the rest agreed that kiss is not just a kiss but it's the key for what may develop, be careful who you kiss next time.

P.S. thanks Brad I really appreciate the complement i also like your posts as will.
Thanks shimaa for opening this forum for us to vent our thoughts, cheers.

Anonymous said...

For me

many types of kisses


when i miss my girl is kiss the different from when u r trying to start sex.
differemnt from after u have sex
different from u kiss the girl because u feelk she wants u to kiss her. or u think she is waiting for the kiss ( Ta2dyet wageb ya3ney)

but for sure the first type is the best
when i miss her.
i think it is the best flavour of kiss
during this type i feel i want to put this girl inside me
i feel i want my soul to go out and she replace my soul.
i rili feel that i want to eat her i want the time to stop and my lips still touching her lips.

But it is true that if u dont love a girl u rili dont feel the kiss
begad walahey
i even feel that it taste bad.

we bardoo ta2dyet al wageb kiss is very bad even u dont feel the kiss u just feel something sticking on ur lips and u want to remove.

so good advice dont kiss if u feel that u dont want to kiss now.

kiss only when u feel i want to eat this sweet.

before having sex of course it has a different feeling no need to discuss it 3alashan al Reqaba.

any way it is a great question.
and i think i makes me write alot for the first time.


Anonymous said...


I can't agree more with you post man; EXCELLENT analysis. Keep the good work up, amigo.


Still dizzy? ;)


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood
Thanks for giving away these insider information : I am really enjoying the ride and I am willing to know more of how men think so keep sharing.
I can’t say more than what you said. And I really admire your confession of keeping off the game because you seem not capable of living with the guilt of a woman. I wish the world had more men like you.
As for the kiss, you are right. By accepting Brad’s offer to kiss me I simply transferred the burden of explanation to his side. I was clear; I said that whenever I kiss someone that means that I am giving away the keys to my soul. It is his call to decide, if my soul is the thing he seek :
Anyway, I will try to be careful next time I get to kiss someone. I will make sure I make it clear that a kiss isn’t a casual thing. I will try to remember the different categories of men and women. I will try to remember that what means love for me, means bed for him. I will try to remember to say NO.
Thanks Mahmood for your words, and I will keep waiting for more secrets of a man’s mind.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hey Omar
Thanks for sharing the thoughts that buzz in your head when you kiss a girl. But I am actually laughing my heart out for the description of the kiss of duty. I can’t imagine that someone could ever kiss someone out of duty. LOOLL
Thanks for sharing Omar, I wish I could write more but I am suffering from a horrible headache.
I hope you are enjoying your time ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

I am still dizzy. How did you know? ;)

You still didn't know what will that kiss mean :)?

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) i really enjoyed the post, and the ride inside man's and woman's minds regarding a kiss

i like mahmoud's clarification "all kisses end in bed"

i like also the kisses definitions of OMAR... the miss you kiss is the best
in my humble opinion a kiss depends on the person, and where it is placed

a lover kiss, admirer kiss, hunter kiss ...

and the place:
lipse: sensual, mostly sexual

forehead: respect

hand: passion and admiration

feet and legs: the woman is sagred and entitled as the goddess of his life

moreover, it depends also on the place
a kiss in the car, unlike a kiss in the bed room, unlike a kiss in the street... strange enough; kisses in the street are more passionate and meaningful

back to the comments

mahmoud; girls tend to be attracted to sweet words, true... but this doesnt mean tht they leave a good man for a bad one ... girls maybe sometimes are not super smart in relationships, but they have intuition, in which they totally beleive

a good guy, might be a bad one in disguise... and a bad one, may have great good inside

things are not what they seem always!!!

my regards to all

ps: brad, waiting for the kiss meaning :)

Anonymous said...

How can I not agree with egyptiana, the princess of the written words, specially on the kiss that happens randomly in the street.
and for the rest of your comment you know you always get my vote.
hope you are safe and well.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dearest Egyptiana
Walahy gebna el 7alawa bas I am on a strict diet :) so NO 7alawa for me ;)
I can’t agree more as usual. Things are not necessarily what they seem to be. I am a personal believer that as far as we are humans so we are all good and bad in the same time. It comes with the definition. We are not angels to be all good and we are not devils to be all bad. We are little of this and little of that. That is the miracle of being human. And as I said before, my bad men are somebody else’s good men. They just happen to show their bad side with me. I might be good in some people’s eyes and I am sure others know that I am bad. C’est la vie :)
As for the kisses, you said there is a lover kiss, an admirer kiss and a hunter kiss. I guess they all are hunters my dear. You won’t even know how to tell the difference.
When Brad asked me what I would think if he kissed me, I gave him the “it depends” answer. I gave him the forehead, cheeks ..etc interpretations. He replied “Shimo a kiss is a kiss, only on the lips” … another reason for me to love him ;) don’t you think so.:)
Kol sana wenty tayeba my dear, isa all your wishes become true.
I am still waiting for the meaning of the kiss too but seems that Brad is waiting for the kiss ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mahmood :)
And who can't agree with Egyptiana :)

Anonymous said...

these days i am rili interested to see Shimoo blog more than reading the news or even enter to Forums.

Congratulations shimoo You have a beutiful blog.

Miss Egyptians ur words are rili interestings and beutiful.
we zay ma a kol agree ana kaman tab3an :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

eh el kalam el kebeer dah :) khaly balak ana bat3'ar besor3a :)

You know eny 3alatool bastana el comments beta3tak

Thank you for your sweet words

akhbar el mokararat 3andak eh ;)?

Anonymous said...

Ana Te3ebt men al mozakra ya Shimoo

ana khalasa rege3t lee ard al oman embare7 al 7amd lellah

Shimaa Gamal said...

:) nawart Oman ya basha, aho at least 3ashan se7tak ;) kefaya mozakra ba2a LOL

I guess you should write about your experience with "el mokrarat" el lebnany ;)

Mo'men said...

A kiss is a terrible thing to waste - Mealoaf

offcourse kissing is more intimate than sex; but sadly most men go for the latter :(

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mo’men
You are right; a kiss is more intimate than sex. But unfortunately, it isn’t viewed that way with the sex-maniacs who believe that a woman is just a set of holes to please them.
For them it is just a step in a complicated plan to get into the subject’s pants.
This fact really hurt. It hurt me personally as a woman. It hurt to know that regardless how much that kiss will ever mean to me. For him, it will always be a way to hit the jackpot
I hope you are doing fine, and that you found your way from square one to a better place.
Thanks for commenting
Best Regards