March 07, 2008

I Love Brad :)

My sweet friend Omar left me a comment on the different angle post. He said that he felt pure love in this post. He believes that I am in love with Brad. He said that I may be denying it but it shows in my words. Actually I couldn’t find anything to reply on his comments. As I felt it is tricky to deny and it will misunderstood if confirmed. The truth is I don’t only love Brad, I adore him. But in a way that’s different than the way Omar meant.
My dear Brad commented on Omar’s comment. He said it all I couldn’t have said more.
That was his comment

Dearest OH/OB,

I reckon you're the one seeing the inside of Shimaa from a very different perspective (or angle in this case).The clarity and sensitivity the Miss Gamal has shown in her posts are but the sheer reflection of how she regards friendship in sacred shrouds. It is how she cherishes people in general and friends as human being worth to be loved and considered. Her 'love' for Brad is like her love to any other person she sees as a source of comfort and enjoys his/her company. So unfortunately it is not the kind of love you think it is, but it is the rarest of all types of love; a love of a friend. This love is not necessarily woman to man, or romantic love. It's more like human to human love.Her sensitivity and sentiments pour out of her to flood valleys of dry valleys and barren lands, her love and huge heart fill up the gaps amidst dessert cracks and warm raindrops heal thirsty terrains.Everything she writes, and everything she does or even says, shows what miracles a big heart can produce.I must admit that I myself have an ocean-load of love for her, for everything in her; the girl, the woman, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the writer, the cook, her voice, her attractive looks, her skin, her smile, her and last but not least: her "Couer D'or".Because I believe that the Almighty works in mysterious ways; I think that this is his way of proving that Shimaa Gamal (his masterpiece) is unmatched, because he hasn't created the man worth having her as of yet.

Honey, Please don’t stop making my days.
Thanks for being my friend.
I love you more.


Anonymous said...

i am happy to hear that from both of you.

Realy your Words make me Silent as Usual :).

But the question now what type of girls can love with this way?
what type of human can love by this way?

Is this type of love still available in Life?

You have agreat heart.

I thought Brad is th only luck one because you love him, but i recogonized that i am also lucky to have a friend like you. or that you consider me as areal friend.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Omar,

The type of women who love in this unparalleled fashion is unique, and only unique Shimaa Gamal. That's why the likes of her are precious, 'cause you don't come across them everyday.

And YES, this type of love has been, is, and always will be blossoming in the garden of our world as long as there are people there as Shimaa Gamal to water them.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Omar
ana mesh ad el kalam el kebeer dah. You know I am blessed to have good friends like you. Only friends make the bad times go fast.

I would like to comment on you question "Is this type of love still available in Life?"

Remember when I told you that there is no life without love. This is your answer. Love isn't categorized into types. It comes pure like gold, then things are to be added to it. For instance to have romance you should add a bit of lust, or may be a bit of like. But love comes pure. It is only the additives that make the difference :)

wala eh??

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Honey
Now I am blushing. Take care you are feeding the posionous plant of my arrogance :)
I don't deserve all these sweet words.
Thanks honey for making my days


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved shimaa
i am back to life again, i hope i stay longer this time ... i have decided to write a book ... applying elvis famous words "it is now or never"
anyway back to the post
you said, you adore brad
i say, i adore brad too

if he is the one writing these enchanting words ... words that remain words ... curves and lines over a page :)

you know what i mean
we alaho a3lam bardo ... but the house of Slytherin has its impact on its members

by the way, i am from Gryffindor... i bet you are the same :)

cheers sweety
and have a lovely cool day in this surprising hot weather

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Egyptiana
I am so happy you are back to life. This morning I have been thinking "heya el bent di ra7et fien", I thought you found a way to a better place than this world and you forgot to take me with you :) :)
I am really Happy you are back.
So, what's about this book? I read comment on your blog where you said that you are searching for words for this book. Eh el 7ekaya?? what will it be about? or you want it to be a surprise :)?
I stopped writing mine :) you know this none sense project I call My Book, I didn't add a word in months now. Good Luck, and I will be the first one to buy it. But promise me a nice dedication ;)
Good Luck my dear.
Now back to the post :)
hmmmmmmmmmm .... (Shimaa Smiling A big SMILE)

Have great day dear.
I am so happy you are back


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hey :) I forgot! I am sure a Gryffindor :) though I have always admired Slytherin's :) :)