March 07, 2008

A Series of Pointless Posts: 1- Giorgio Locatelli

A couple of days ago, I was watching my favorite 24/7 cooking TV, Fatafeat, a program called “Pure Italian” hosted by the celebrity chief Giorgio Locatelli was on. I wasn’t paying attention, as I was chatting with a friend of mine and suddenly something caught my eyes and I found myself telling my friend that I guess I have finally found the man of my dreams.
He laughed and I guess he is still laughing till now. But he asked the next logical question. Who is that lucky man?
I simply replied that chief on the TV and that was when he started laughing and didn’t stop till now.
Mr. Locatelli, was cooking duck breasts for a friend of his. It was simple and seemed delicious. This friend of his brought him an Italian pie for dessert. She cut him a piece. Mr. Locatelli didn’t swallow that piece of pie the way any man is expected to do. He first smelled it, then took a bite and commented on how good the pie is. He noticed the ingredients and complemented the effort.
I know that act of smelling food in a try to know the ingredients must be related to the fact he was a chief. The way he tasted it, might be directly related to his food passion. And the complement was probably for the cameras. But he still did it. He didn’t swallow his food, he tasted it, enjoyed it and he gave feedback.
He qualifies to be the man of my dreams, not only because he respected his piece of pie but also because he is Italian, who said looks doesn’t count?, he has got the look of a perfect Italian look (don’t you watch Italian football), he is a celebrity, he is successful and even Wikipedia has a page dedicated to him. The only thing that woke me up from that sweet dream was the fact that he is married.
Damn it!! One more time I am losing my perfect man for another woman!! :)
The series of pointless posts is to break the sound of my silence. I have discovered that I have been refraining from talking to my friends, I have been ignoring their phone calls, and I have been avoiding a serious talk for a while. I need to talk but seems that I have forgotten the way. So these posts will be my way of reminding myself how people communicate.

I wonder, who else thinks I love Brad?? Omar described my reaching hand as pure love. I got similar answers from different people. I wonder who else thinks that I love Brad?


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Italians and Italian food = passion

that is how i define it

it is good to find a way to say anything, even if it is complementing an italian chef on a cooking tv channels ... at least u tell, at least u sit in front of your computer and command your fingers to type

i have been in deep silence, i cant even listen to the sound of my thoughts ... try to get out of this circle ... struggling ... fighting ... hard it is... but i will succede :)
i know i will
i always do

my warmest regards

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Again
You know this is one of my happiest days. I am so glad you are back :) and I am so happy reading your comments.

yes, Italians and Italian food = Passion. I adore Italians :) I like the way they look, I like the italian accent even more than the French accent and sure I like Italian food.

You know, I am already in a silent mode with regard to talking. I am a talkative person but I have found myself with nothing to say. I even had many things in mind worrying me but I couldn't find a way to talk about. All of a sudden I felt that no one really care to listen and if there is anyone to care what I am going to say isn't really that important. So, I kept silent. Then I noticed that this silence is moving to my fingers. I stopped writing because some how I felt that whatever I am writing is completely none sense. That was when I reminded myself that the point of writing was basicly to get the none sense out of my mind. And that this is my last way to communicate with people else I be trapped withing myself which isn't the best place to be trapped into.
And here I am, as talkative as ever :)
Can you believe how long my replies are :) Can you believe how good it is to talk.

I know you will do it. I know you will find your way out. You have always did and you will always do :)
And if you ever needed someone talkative to remind you how good talking and writing could be, I will always be around ;)

I hope you enjoy the typical Egyptian Spring Day :)

mesh bezemtek el torab dah a7la 7aga 3ashan el wa7ed yatafa2al :S