March 01, 2008

Current Thought - The Circles Entrapment

There was time when everyone believed the world is flat. And those who could walk to the end of the world they will fall in the outer space. There has been time when everyone believed that a big bull holds earth on his thorn. That bull was held responsible every time the earth got shaken. It was believed that this shake is because the bull was moving the land from on thorn to the other.
Then the earth was discovered to be a big ball that rotates around a bigger ball called the sun which in turn rotates around the center of a bigger formation of balls rotating around other balls called the galaxy. And these big balls which move in circles around other big balls were found to be rotating around themselves.
The whole universe is formed of circles that move around circles in a circular motion in an endless perfect rhythm.
A circle is an absolutely relative shape. It could start at any point and could end at any point. Moving around a circle grants difference as you change the location as it grants repetition because there is no where to escape.
Nothing in this universe miss that circular motion. Even we, humans, might not look like a circle but our lives follow the circular pattern. We start in the darkness and humidity of a womb and we end in the darkness and humidity of a grave. We move in circles of hopes and disappointments. That’s why opportunity keeps knocking our doors in different shapes. That’s why we do repeat our mistakes, may be with different persons but it is always the same mistake. That’s why we will always end up hurt. And that’s why there is always light at the end of darkness. Life is just a circle that starts nowhere, goes to everywhere and ends up at nowhere again.

This thought is inspired by a
post by my good friend Askandarani, he felt down and this thought was my idea of cheering him up. I know I suck at cheering people up. Sorry dear, I failed you again.


LiL^OrioN said...

salam! hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm surprised you knew i was reading your blog. how did you know by the way? =)

have a nice day, and keep on posting. love them! ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello LiL^OrioN
I was so happy to get to know that you are reading me. Though it is a secret, LOL, but I will tell you how I knew that you are reading me. I was checking the sites that referred to my blog in the last month and I found a link to your blog. I was flattered to see my blog on your blogroll.
Keep up your good work. You have put lots of effort in your blog. I am so happy to know that I have friends in Singapore.
Keep in touch

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i read the post at askandarani ... can life be worst... do we have to live in these endless circles ? what will happen if we try to break through? will life change, or will we find ourselves entrapped into another circle ??

i like this post, althought it is very depressing, cause it's simply telling us the truth ... no matter what we do, we will end up the same !!

painful !!

Shimaa Gamal said...

My Dearest Egyptiana
When I read Askandarani's post I was trying to cheer him up. The whole circles thing was a try to see the full part of the empty cup. But after I re-read it I discovered that nothing can be anymore depressing :(
The more depressing fact is when you add the law of attraction to the circles entrapment. You will find out that this circle is of your own creation.
And the thing is, if you managed breaking through a circle you will get stuck in another one. Nothing will differ, we will all end right where we started. In darkness and wettness waiting for the unknown.
My dad always say something that makes me think. He says "kolon moyasar lema kholeqa lah" (Everyone is directed to the thing he was created for). This sentence is supposed to be cheering and comforting. But the truth is, if everyone is really directed to the thing he was created for, does that mean that certain people were created to suffer?
I am not sure, but if you looked at the circles thing from a brighter angle this could mean that you will never miss an opportunity. The term opportunity will be meaningless as things are being repeated. Repetion means the bliss of finding light after long periods of darkness. This circular motion means that there will always be hope. The same way it means that this hope will always lead to nothing!!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

certain people were created to suffer?

i always beleived in tht
some were born to live
some were born to succede
and some were born to suffer
to jump from one gray point to the other !!!

very depressing indeed

Shimaa Gamal said...

Too depressing, but the question is should anyone give up?
I hope I will never do. If there is someone was created to suffer I will do my best to make sure I am not that one. Those gray squares are little obstacles in my way.
Light is always there :) Maybe sometimes I lose that light but I am sure I will always find a way :)