September 05, 2007

To Brad

Brad wrote:

Dear Shimaa,
Being one of you hideous ex's, as well as a common X-factor catalyst accelerating the process of trust-demolition throughout the vast risky kingdom of men before you, I have certainly been one of your most avid fans and readers.
Putting my thoughless behaviour and shameful acts aside, I hereby stand tall and proud having known you, seen you and been blessed by the unconditional state of forgiveness you've shrouded me with, let alone the most dietous hand open for an everlasting friendship offered by your good self. I have told you before that "To err is human, to forgive to divine" and you, dear Shimaa, have yet again proven this old saying wrong by your forgiveness, or have remarkably proved it right which makes you more a creature of light rather than a human.
For most human being are not capable, let alone made for, granting this sort of forgiveness, or even the mere initiation to try it.
I have been taught a lesson. A hard one. for I have sinned across your shrine of wholehearted purity, elegance and code of knighthood. May the most Gracious bless your good heart, Shimaa.

You know who I am.

Actually this won’t be the first time he leaves me speechless, ever since I have known him he has always taken me by surprise. Good surprises and shocking ones. This comment too was a surprise.

My dear Brad

I guess I have told you before that you are the only one who deprives me of my talent. The poet has always outshined the little girl and left her clueless.
I don’t really know how to start but I guess a good start will be thanking you for your sweet words. I am flattered that you think I am worth reading and that my thoughtless thoughts are of value for someone with your mind.
As for “Us”, I will share with you the reply I gave to a friend of mine who asked about you a couple of days ago. The last thing she knew was your disappearance and she didn’t know the rest of the story. But when she did, she was more than surprised. She wondered how anyone can be that cruel. She wanted me to be angry. She begged me to scream.
She wanted me to get out the feelings she thought I might have towards you. I simply replied that I don’t need to do any of that because I simply gathered everything and I put it in a big black box, I closed the box so tight and I threw it away in a big dark sea. The exact words were, “sandoo2 eswed we ramietoh fi ba7r el zolomat”.
I simply forgot and started from square zero for the sake of the word I gave you. Our deal was to sustain friendship regardless how bad things will go. I am sustaining friendship, I am doing the exact thing I would like you to do if we ever switched places.
It was the friend who forgot, it was the friend who buried the woman with her dark feelings in the big black box, and it was the friend who threw the woman with her soreness in the big dark sea.

Friendship it was, friendship it is and friendship it will always be.

One more time, thanks honey for your sweet words. I hope I will be as lucky as today more often and read more of you comments.

Love, always

Picture: Journey to forgivness


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Men !!!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

MEN !!!

Anonymous said...

Great artwork there, Shimaa :)

Good choice.

Anonymous said...

Dearest of all Shimaas,

Payeth thee attention not to such ghastly trinkets of deceit. For actions of the sort only but brings back vivid visions of starless nights came tralling ghost concertos, heartstrings being played on irregular beats of the sick and most appalling souls. Like a score of skeletal reaper bows playing torture chamber music allegretto conducting over throes trashed to crescendo. These comments on your blog are but bloodstains on snow, that will soon freeze and be removed like red sapphire. To my eyes they’re nocturnal creatures that crawl upon a virgin gilded in her bridal dress. So my dear Shimaa, turn a blind eye on the sick, for blessed are the saneless minds, they knoweth not what their deeds art.

You still know whom I am.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dearest anonymous

I will always know who you are, my eyes can’t miss such a unique style and my mind can never forget your print.
Thank you one more time for your sweet words. And though I am turning a blind eye to the creatures of darkness but yet I can’t deny that, these bloodstains on the snow were the major reason I lost my appetite to write.
The dagger of filth has got to the deepest of my soul, I can’t think of anything but why. I can’t feel anything but disgust.
I will keep trying to seek some light.
Thanks again for your sweet words.

Love Always,