September 12, 2007

The Arabic direction

My friends have always asked me, why writing in English? And my answer was always I write in the language of the idea. When I think in English I write in English and when I think in Arabic I write in Arabic. And I tend to think in English whenever I am feeling uncomfortable. I have this unexplained syndrome, whenever I feel pressured I start speaking English, whenever I feel cornered I start thinking English and whenever I feel hurt I start writing English. Arabic on the other hand is the language I deliberately stopped using but whenever I am comfortable it is always my home.
So, as recently I have been experiencing ideas that speak “Egyptian” which is something other than Arabic but resembles it in many ways. I have decided to create a new blog for those Arabic thoughts. It is not a translation of this blog, it is just my Arabic thoughtless thoughts, written mostly in pure “Egyptian”.
I started by posting some of my old writings and I am currently searching for more of these old writings. And soon I will post the new thoughtless thoughts in Arabic.

The blog has the same name, but sure it is the Arabic translation. So if you can read Arabic click here to check it out.


Picture by: © Bellamy / Festival d'Avignon

1 comment:

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i know what you mean... hey i am discovering that we are so much alike in many things ...

bas i am thinking of something ... of making blog called "نصوص معكوسة"

what's in arabic, i will turn it to english, and what's in english will turn it to arabic

heheheh fara3'

mabrook ya gamila ... and cant wait for new arabic thoughts