September 23, 2007

Replies - 3

One more time I am back to replies, Mr. Alaa has left me another comment that I won’t publish. I was going to ignore but here I am replying not in a way to defend myself against his accusations but to speak of millions of Egyptian girls who share the same ideology.

Mr. Alaa wrote;

I will focus of your words Miss Shaimaa. If the Muslim man is that GREAT in your mind couldn't you find one to accept you with those beliefs? If your idea about he Muslim man is that GREAT why then all those arguments. Why you dont wanna be the sweet, nice submissive Muslim woman. Why you wanna imitate the American bitches? 3ala2

So, Mr. Alaa

1- Muslim men are supposed to be great, because they belong to a great religion. But unfortunately, those Muslim men are just Muslims by duty. They were born Muslims to Muslim families, and none of them ever thought what’s behind that religion. None of those Muslims thought how Islam changed the ignorant Arabs to be the leaders of the world. I have always said that the real miracle of Islam was turning the Arabs to be a civilized community. They are just Muslims by duty, using Islam and God to validate personal opinions that has nothing to do with Islam.

2- “Couldn’t you find one to accept you with those beliefs”. So, Mr. Alaa I don’t know how did you jump to the conclusion that I can’t find a man to accept my beliefs. Again, you are assuming that I have no men around and that I am a disgusting creature. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am not what you hope I am. I am a girl of a sound opinion; I am respected by everyone who meets me. And I have a long list of men who admire my ideology. I am sorry again to disappoint you, but unfortunately I am a girl lots of men can’t have. I am the woman men dream about but dare not own. Your sentence should be re-phrased, the sentence should be, why you couldn’t accept any of the non great, average men around you. And the answer will always be, average was never and will never be my type. I am everything a man wants, so I can’t just give everything to anyone.

3- Muslim women are not submissive. Up to my knowledge, Islam was never a supressive religion, unless you belong to the stupid Wahabi’s who think that Islam was the law God put to validate their “bedwain” traditions, Islam is religion that valued the human and as Muslims we only submit to our God. So I will have to disagree again, and I am sorry to disappoint you again as Islam isn’t tailored to meet your sadistic dreams.

4- I am not going to comment on putting me and bitches in one sentence. I could have removed the word but I left it as an evidence on how well mannered you are.

5- This will be my last reply to you, so spare yourself the effort of using the F words and the B words. Please spare yourself the effort of writing a reply on this. And spare yourself the tries to turn me to your kind of a woman. I am sorry to disappoint you again, but sometimes some women are star far. And you can’t make a star fall by calling her bitch, or by using dirty sexual comments. The star will keep shinning leading those who lost the way to the safe shores.

Over and Out

Mr. Alaa, If you don’t like the ideology expressed in this blog, please spare yourself the effort of reading, I believe that there are many other blogs of your taste.


An Important Note:
I believe that all religions are great, and greatness isn't something limitied to Muslims or Islam as a religion. If anything else was implied by my words it wasn't intended. Religion is off context, and I believe that my reply on Mr. Alaa goes for all men sharing his ideology regardless their religious beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shimaa,

You can't be more wrong posting this dirt on your blog, or even replying to it. So wrong.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i don't agree with anonymous
i think that you possess great courage when you do so ... what i admire the most is that you replied with definite point, logical sequence and clear ideas

that is a wonderful reply, and i hope he shuts up after that

god bless you

the last of the mohicans said...

Dear shaimaa,
I salute you as a progressive muslim woman who knows what she is talking about.
as for alaa he missed the boat by trying to debate your intellect with his vulgarity proving only one thing, that you are right.
and his attack on muslim man shows his weakness and their strength, those guys who are really aimless they attack muslims by all sort of things such are dark ages etc.. as if other profits came from different planet , will they all came from the same region, and why these vulgar guys dont show us their enlightenment for a change or is it every time they are weak we should come to their side else we are ignorant from the dark ages.
at least in islam we value every profit and we don't attack them as they attack us like enraged dogs.
once again i salute you, happy 3eed and i wish you the best.